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Chantel Brink
Chantel Brink
March 4, 2024 ·  10 min read

35 Disturbing Photos That Will Make You Want to Look Away But Can’t

Warning: This article contains graphic images

Amidst the vast array of disturbing photos circulating on the internet, there’s been a noticeable fascination with what can be termed as “disgust culture” among online users. While the preoccupation with disturbing content may appear peculiar at first glance, scientists have uncovered that this emotion has evolved to command our attention. In fact, some individuals may even derive a certain degree of satisfaction from it, driven by our innate inclination to seek out negative experiences without encountering actual peril. For those drawn to such sensations, the “Make Me Suffer” online community could serve as an ideal refuge.

Housing a collection of posts ranging from alarming injuries to eerie creatures, it offers content that may provoke discomfort temporarily but poses no physical harm. Venturing into this realm can evoke a sense of thrill; indeed, the benefits of an adrenaline rush can prove unexpectedly uplifting.

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1. This Black Widow Bite

disturbing photos This Black Widow Bite
Image Credit: Mhaedr0s

A freaky black widow bite can induce intense pain and discomfort, often accompanied by symptoms like muscle spasms and nausea. Seeking immediate medical attention is crucial to mitigate the potentially severe effects of the venom.

2. A Dislocated Ankle

A Dislocated Ankle
Image Credit: Gween_beaN001

A dislocated ankle can cause excruciating pain and limited mobility, requiring prompt medical intervention for realignment and proper treatment to prevent further damage or complications. Rehabilitation and physical therapy are typically necessary to regain strength and stability in the affected joint.

3. A Date That Ended in This View

disturbing photos A Date That Ended in This View
Image Credit: _Doireallyneedaname_

The date ended with him inviting her back to his place, only for her to find it in a state of disarray, which left her feeling uncomfortable and hesitant about continuing their relationship. They at least kept their Funko Pop collection out of harm’s way!

4. Monsters in The Toilet

Monsters in The Toilet
Image Credit: mrwiskerbiscuitmunch

Finding a centipede in the toilet can be a startling and unpleasant experience, leading to feelings of disgust and unease. It may prompt the individual to take immediate action to remove the insect and ensure the toilet area is thoroughly cleaned to prevent further encounters.

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5. A Pencil Stuck in a Foot

disturbing photos A Pencil Stuck in a Foot
Image Credit: filterpiece23

Discovering a pencil embedded in a foot can be a jolting and painful experience, requiring urgent medical assistance to alleviate discomfort and prevent complications. Prompt removal and proper wound care are essential to ensure a swift and smooth recovery process.

6. Hydraulic Presses vs Fingers

Hydraulic Presses vs Fingers
Image Credit: Western-Bite1759

Hydraulic presses pose a significant risk to fingers, capable of causing severe injury or even amputation upon contact. Caution and proper safety measures are essential when operating such machinery to mitigate potential harm to hands and fingers.

7. Another Item in a Body Part

disturbing photos Another Item in a Body Part
Image Credit: WilhelminaWestwood

Being jabbed in the foot by a fork can result in intense pain, potential damage to tissue and nerves, and an increased risk of infection. Seeking medical attention promptly is vital to properly assess and treat the injury, reducing the risk of complications and promoting healing.

8. An Artificial Tear Duct?

An Artificial Tear Duct?
Image Credit: faloofay

An artificial tear duct, while a modern medical marvel, serves as a synthetic alternative to natural tear ducts, aiding in the proper drainage and distribution of tears to maintain eye health and moisture balance. This innovative solution is particularly beneficial for individuals experiencing tear duct dysfunction or blockages, enhancing comfort and vision quality.

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9. An X-ray of a Broken Back

disturbing photos An X-ray of a Broken Back
Image Credit: makemesuffer

Guess you could say this person did not have the best of days after this x-ray revealed the true extent of damage done to their spine. They were found to be paralyzed from the chest down. Gosh, what bad luck.

10. A Pork-Rind Toenail

A Pork-Rind Toenail
Image Credit: PaleontologistOk9437

Eeeuw. Can we say it? This is the result of years of neglect and fungal infection. Ths guy’s brother says he just refused to do anything about it and its pretty easy to treat if caught in the early stages.

11. A moldy Tuna Sandwich Definitely Qualifies Here as a Disturbing Photo

disturbing photos A moldy Tuna Sandwich
Image Credit: StubbornTeen

Taking a bite out of a moldy tuna sandwich can be gross and potentially unhealthy since mold can make you sick if ingested. It’s important to check your food before eating to avoid unpleasant surprises like this.

12. The Amount Of Earwax on This Airpod

The Amount Of Earwax on This Airpod
Image Credit: gaping_whistle

It might be time to get that ear flushed, that’s an incredible amount of earwax to accumulate in one’s ear and can cause all sorts of health issues if left to build up.

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13. Tooth Extraction Post Swelling

disturbing photos Tooth Extraction Post Swelling
Image Credit: anna__miro__

Post-op swelling can be really scary because it makes the area where you had surgery look all puffy and swollen, which can be painful and uncomfortable. Even though it might seem bad, it’s actually a normal part of the healing process, and doctors usually have ways to help manage it.

14. Ankles After 12 Hours in a Club in Heels

Ankles After 12 Hours in a Club in Heels
Image Credit: Bennythekitten

“To add, after my shift was over and the club was closing, I fell down at the DJ booth when my ankle gave out and scraped my shin on the stairs. This was working from 2pm-2am. It was about 4am by the time I got home. Taking my boots off at the end of the night was so lovely”- Bennythekitten

15. Moving Out And Leaving Your Fridge in This State

disturbing photos Moving Out And Leaving Your Fridge in This State
Image Credit: ilysaj

Leaving your fridge in a messy state when moving out can create a lot of problems, like bad smells and potential mold growth, which isn’t fun for the next person moving in. It’s best to clean it out properly before leaving to make sure it’s ready for the next user.

16. A Ringworm Infection Like No Other, Such a Disturbing Photo

A Ringworm Infection Like No Other
Image Credit: kllrkittn

Having ringworm on your hand can be really frustrating and uncomfortable, especially if it’s spread and gotten pretty big. It’s important to treat it properly to prevent it from getting worse and spreading to other areas.

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17. A Car So Filthy Anyone Would Cringe

A Car So Filthy Anyone Would Cringe
Image Credit: _Doireallyneedaname_

Having a filthy car can be pretty gross and make it uncomfortable for you and your passengers. It’s a good idea to clean it up to make it more pleasant to ride in and to avoid any bad smells or health issues from the dirt and grime building up. However, this one might need to be incinerated.

18. A Hostile Baby Tooth

disturbing photos A Hostile Baby Tooth
Image Credit: alysshaa19

A couple of dentists recommended leaving this one in particular as the child suffers from ADHD and ODD and suggested that it would work its way out. One can only imagine how odd this must feel in your mouth though!

19. Psoriasis So Bad It Gives Us The Heebie Geebies

Psoriasis So Bad It Gives Us The Heebie Geebies
Image Credit: a_copper_life

Severe scalp plaque psoriasis can be really tough to deal with because it can cause a lot of itching, pain, and embarrassment due to the visible flakes and scales on the scalp. It’s important to work closely with a dermatologist to find the best treatment plan to manage symptoms and improve quality of life.

20. Severe Trench Foot – Wow, These are Disturbing Photos

disturbing photos Severe Trench Foot
Image Credit: YN90

Severe trench foot can be incredibly painful and debilitating, causing swelling, numbness, and blisters due to prolonged exposure to cold and wet conditions. Seeking medical attention promptly is crucial to prevent further complications and promote healing.

21. More Psoriasis

disturbing photos More Psoriasis
Image Credit: JaundicePocahontas

Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition characterized by red, inflamed patches covered with silvery scales. It can affect various parts of the body, including the scalp, elbows, knees, and lower back. Beyond the physical symptoms, psoriasis can also impact mental and emotional well-being due to its visibility and potential for discomfort. Managing psoriasis often involves a combination of topical treatments, medications, lifestyle changes, and sometimes light therapy or systemic treatments under the guidance of a dermatologist.

22. This Came Out of Their Parent’s Ear

This Came Out of Their Parent's Ear
Image Credit: are_you_kIddIngme

Discovering insects in an ear can be a frightening and uncomfortable experience, causing panic and distress. Seeking medical assistance promptly is essential to safely remove the insect and prevent any potential damage to the ear canal or eardrum.

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23. Things Found Inside People

disturbing photos Things Found Inside People
Image Credit: krncrds

Items found inside people can range from accidentally ingested objects like coins or small toys to foreign bodies inserted intentionally, such as needles or pieces of glass. In medical contexts, surgeons have even encountered unusual items like surgical instruments or forgotten medical devices left behind during procedures. Each instance underscores the importance of prompt medical attention and proper procedures for removal to avoid complications.

24. Extra Long Roots on a Molar

Extra Long Roots on a Molar
Image Credit: Bwhit1019

Extra long roots on a molar can pose challenges during dental procedures, requiring special techniques and tools for extraction or treatment. These elongated roots may contribute to the tooth’s stability but can also complicate dental surgeries or interventions.

25. Fly Eggs on Well, Anything – 100% a Disturbing Photo

disturbing photos Fly Eggs on Well, Anything
Image Credit: Lexadour

Discovering fly eggs on anything can be unsettling and unsanitary, as they indicate the presence of flies and potential contamination. Promptly removing and cleaning the affected area is crucial to prevent further infestation and maintain hygiene. And if they’re on your food – throw it away!

26. More Food Contaminants

More Food Contaminants
Image Credit: Spidar

Finding a roach in your food can be incredibly distressing and disgusting, potentially causing nausea and loss of appetite. It’s essential to dispose of the contaminated food and thoroughly clean the surrounding area to prevent any health risks associated with consuming contaminated food.

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27. Claustrophobia Times 1000

disturbing photos Claustrophobia Times 1000
Image Credit: The-Proud-Snail

John Jones became trapped in a cave for 27 hours after inadvertently getting stuck in a narrow passage while exploring. Despite efforts to free himself, he remained wedged in the cave, prompting a rescue operation involving a specialized cave rescue team which sadly failed, leaving him to perish.

28. Insects Neting in Unexpected Places

Insects Neting in Unexpected Places
Image Credit: SwagHawk42

“So uh… we’ve been having a lot of random ants in our house for years, and today we discovered where they were coming from while painting” – SwagHawk42 It’s important to address such infestations promptly to prevent further problems and ensure a pest-free environment.

29. A Surprise Treat in a Juicebox

A Surprise Treat in a Juicebox
Image Credit: Lollooo_

Discovering a scoby (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) in your juice box can be unexpected and unpleasant, as it indicates spoilage and fermentation of the beverage. It’s essential to discard the contaminated juice box and clean the surrounding area to prevent any health risks associated with consuming spoiled food or drink.

30. Always, We Repeat, Always Check Your Shoes

disturbing photos Always, We Repeat, Always Check Your Shoes
Image Credit: sjk505

Discovering a wasp nest in a shoe can be alarming and dangerous, as disturbing the nest may provoke the wasps and lead to stings. It’s important to approach the situation cautiously, avoid agitating the wasps, and seek professional assistance for safe removal to prevent any injuries or further complications.

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31. A Garlic Powder Jar – a Disturbing Photo For Sure

A Garlic Powder Jar
Image Credit: Jthundercleese

Finding insects in a spice jar can be quite unsettling and unsanitary, potentially rendering the spices unsafe for consumption. It’s important to discard the contaminated spices and thoroughly clean the jar and surrounding area to prevent further infestation and maintain food safety.

32. Someone’s Friend’s Bathroom

disturbing photos Someone's Friend's Bathroom
Image Credit: Silojm

A dirty bathroom can be unpleasant and unhygienic, harboring germs and bacteria that can pose health risks. Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential to ensure a clean and sanitary environment for personal hygiene and well-being.

33. Something Eerie in a Chicken Breast

Something Eerie in a Chicken Breast
Image Credit: Birdytaps

Discovering something eerie in a chicken breast can be unsettling and cause concern about the safety of the food. It’s important to investigate further and possibly discard the chicken to avoid any potential health risks associated with consuming contaminated or spoiled meat.

34. Conjunctivitis – Definitely a Disturbing Photo

disturbing photos Conjunctivitis
Image Credit: fatfuck271

Conjunctivitis, also known as pink eye, is a common eye condition characterized by inflammation of the conjunctiva, the thin tissue covering the white part of the eye and inner surface of the eyelids. It can cause symptoms such as redness, itching, tearing, and discharge. Proper hygiene, including frequent handwashing and avoiding touching the eyes, is crucial to prevent the spread of conjunctivitis, which can be caused by viruses, bacteria, allergens, or irritants.

35. Bin Juice Stalactites – One of The Most Disturbing Photos We Could Find

Bin Juice Stalactites
Image Credit: Hotdog_disposal_unit

Bin juice stalactites refer to the formation of stalactite-like structures inside garbage bins due to the accumulation of liquid waste over time. These formations can emit foul odors and pose health risks due to the presence of bacteria and other pathogens. Regular cleaning and proper waste disposal are essential to prevent the formation of bin juice stalactites and maintain hygiene standards.

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