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Calling All moms…

We’re calling out the warriors and the silent champions that make sure every day is better than the last for our families. We see you and we love
you….and we created this site to share your stories.

Secret Life of Mom embraces all parts of mom-hood from the pretty
situations to the sticky, messy ones. From the moments that make our
hearts burst with joy to those silent minutes when we cry our eyes out.
Let us be the platform where you choose to share your journey or share a tip with a loved one as we build a community of supportive families.

Lead Editor:

Patrick Sommerfeld:
Patrick is our lead editor and community manager. In his spare time, you can find him reading about the latest nutrition trends or experimenting with a new recipe in the kitchen. Feel free to share your thoughts on our content with him at [email protected]

Staff Writers:

Sarah Biren: Sarah is a baker, cook, author, and blogger. She believes that food is the best method of healing and a classic way of bringing people together. In her spare time, Sarah does yoga, reads cookbooks, writes stories, and finds ways to make any type of food in her blender. Feel free to share your favorite recipe at [email protected].

Cody Medina: Cody was born on the western slope of Colorado. In his high school career, Cody was nominated and awarded the Amazing Youth Leadership Award by the HRC for establishing one of the first Gay-Straight Alliances which then inspired the creation of several other GSAs on the western slope. Cody’s interest in environmentalism stemmed from that experience as well. Cody now resides in Oregon with his partner and beloved animals. He enjoys hiking, camping, running, climbing, watching movies, writing, reading, walking his dog, driving to the ocean, and hanging out with his friends when possible. You can reach him at [email protected].

Julie Hambleton: Julie Hambleton has a BSc in Food and Nutrition from Western University, Canada, and is a former certified personal trainer and a competitive runner. Julie loves food, culture, and health, and enjoys sharing her knowledge to help others make positive changes and live healthier lives. Available at [email protected].

Jade Small: Jade is a freelance writer and content creator from South Africa with over 7 years of experience writing and creating. She’s also a proud single mom to a super 13-year-old boy. Available at [email protected].

Our Correction policy: We are committed to informing our users when we discover an error in our stories. We encourage our readers and members of our staff to let our editorial team know if a story is incorrect or requires updating. We strive to be as transparent as possible by outlining what was wrong and how it was corrected. Anyone should be able to understand how and why a mistake has been corrected.

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