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Julie Hambleton
Julie Hambleton
January 5, 2024 ·  4 min read

Mom shares disturbing video of daughter left ‘possessed’ after drink ‘spiked’

Women know when out that we need to take more precautions than men. That being said, we usually let our guard down a bit around people that we know. That’s what this girl did on her first night out as an 18-year-old in England. Unfortunately, someone took advantage of her trust and spiked her drink. Her mom shared the terrifying video on social media in hopes of protecting other women from the same type of assault. (1)

Mom Shares Terrifying Video of Daughter After Having Her Drink Spiked

Bars and clubs are slowly reopening around the world. To all the women out there, let this horrifying video of a girl who’s consumed a spiked drink be a reminder to take extra caution when out. This is precisely why Claire Taplin of the UK shared the video she took of her daughter after being drugged.

“I thought long and hard about posting [the video]. You always hear about people being spiked but you never see the reality of it, so I posted it.” said Claire. “As disturbing as it is, if that saves one girl, just one, then it’s worth sharing. Nothing can prepare you to see that.”

The Disturbing Story

18-year-old Millie Taplin went out with her friends one night. It was her first night out as a newly legal 18-year-old (the legal drinking age in the UK). A man who was with a group of people she knew offered her a drink, telling her to “try this”. Millie didn’t think that there would be anything amiss because this man was with people that she trusted.

“I had a couple of sips of the drink and went to the smoking area. I came back and felt like I’d drunk too much, and then I went outside to be sick.” Millie recalled.

Shortly after she couldn’t speak and lost control of her legs, arms, and hands. She stumbled outside to be sick, knowing the entire time that she’d been spiked. The poor girl couldn’t see, couldn’t walk, and couldn’t communicate with anyone. Thankfully, her friends were there. They called her older sister and carried Millie to the car. They went directly to the hospital when they called Claire.

“I got there at 1.30am, the video shows what I was greeted with. I was just blown away,” said Claire. “It’s just absolutely horrendous. She looked possessed.”

Millie was writhing on the bed with a clenched jaw, claw-like fingers, and eyes wide open. The worst part was that she knew everything that was going on but couldn’t communicate whatsoever. It took four hours for the effects of the drugs to wear off. The doctors say it was a combination of two: One to paralyze her and another to knock her out. Thankfully, nothing worse happened to her.

“The doctors were really supportive and trying to calm me down. I was in such a state when I arrived. I was so scared.” said Millie.

She says it will likely be a while before she goes out again, if ever. Her mom says she hopes that this incident hasn’t scared Millie off from going out with her friends for the rest of her life.

What To Do If Some Spikes You Or A Friend’s Drink

Thankfully Millie’s friends were with her when she began to experience the drugs’ effects. They certainly did the right thing by getting her out of the situation and to the hospital as quickly as possible. Firstly, there are some things you should always do, especially if you are a woman, to take precautions against spiked drinks:

  1. Don’t take your eyes off of your drink. Have it in front of you at all times. If you set it down somewhere, don’t pick it back up and continue to drink it. 
  2. Always be present for the purchasing of the drink you are going to consume. Watch the drink the entire time as best you can.
  3. Don’t accept drinks from others, even if it’s someone you know.

Unfortunately, you can take all the precautions in the world and this can still happen to you or a friend. It is important to know the signs and symptoms of consuming a spiked drink so that you can get help immediately. These are (2):

  1. Recognize the symptoms of consuming a spiked drink. These include:
    • Feeling dizzy, faint, or sleepy
    • Experiencing nausea or other feelings of illness
    • Being more drunk or intoxicated than expected based on alcohol consumed
    • Passing out or experiencing blackouts
  2. Get to a safe place.
  3. Get trusted help.
  4. Go to an emergency room or doctor.
  5. Have trusted company at all times.
  6. Get psychological help.

Going through this experience is traumatic. Make sure that you speak to a professional therapist who can help you work through that trauma. Don’t let one person’s actions cause long-term mental health effects. Always, make sure you report the case to the authorities. Reporting these assaults is an important step in stopping them in the future. 


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