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Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
February 14, 2024 ·  4 min read

Woman’s Tinder Date Hailed as “Man of the Year” After Becoming Her Birthing Partner on Date #4

The present decade has seen a rise in online dating like nothing else. Sometimes we come across dates that are absolutely the worst, but other times they turn out to be the ‘man of the year’. For Alyssa Hodges of Brisbane, Max Silvy has certainly been that human. This couple had met each other just thrice before Silvy turned out to be Hodges’ birthing partner. Their experience went viral in a TikTok video, which has already garnered close to 1.3 million views. Hodges mentioned that her date had been with her when she gave birth to Ollie, her son. Interestingly, they had matched with each other for only eight weeks on Tinder. 

Tinder Can Introduce You To Your Man Of The Year

The TikTok video does shed much light on this interesting development. As it stands, Hodges was supposed to be picking up the ‘man of the year’ from the airport. But she soon realized that she was going into labor. After looking for a ride, Silvy joined her- and was by her side until she gave birth.

Hodges did clarify later, “I was a little bit nervous because I was by myself, and I was also worried that- okay, yes I want him as a support person, but what if we end up breaking up in a week’s time.” She went on to say that “We’ve only had a couple of dates. We didn’t know each other very well. At this stage, his parents didn’t know about me or anything like that.”

Alyssa Hodges and Max Silvy.

But the elephant in the room was still there. How would the ‘man of the year’ feel about being there? Incidentally, he was pretty fine with the entire event. Alyssa stated, “But he still stuck around so that’s the main thing.” Alyssa was naturally quite worried when Max first offered to help with the labor duties. She thought that it might be a bigger mess if they ended up breaking up soon. “But long story short, he ended up coming, and he ended up basically being my biggest support.”

Dating and Pregnancies- The Man Of The Year Knows How To Deal With Both

Some of you may be wondering if Max knew that Alyssa was pregnant. Interestingly, the girl’s online dating bio came with a disclaimer. The man of the year stated, “There was something that caught my eye about Alyssa. Normally I wouldn’t swipe right on a pregnant girl, but there was just something about her.” Hodges, on her part, never hid anything. “I was about six-and-a-half months pregnant when I went on Tinder, and I clearly stated that on my bio. I didn’t want to lead anyone on, so I was being open and honest. I wanted them to know what they were getting into right off the bat.”

Alyssa and Max with her newborn child.

The plan, before this surreal event took place, was quite simple. “On the day I went into labor, I was meant to be picking Max up from the airport as he was coming back from a work trip. That was the plan, but I ended up texting him saying, ‘I’m so sorry, you’ll have to get a taxi. I’m going into labor. He hopped into a taxi when he got off the plane and came to the hospital and was there for me. My mom was also there supporting me, but she had a holiday, so she was here and there. Max was there for me through the whole labor and birth.”

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Happily Ever After?

Interestingly, the man of the year was really quite a kindred spirit. After Alyssa ended up giving birth to her baby boy, Max was still there. He had taken leave from his work to ensure that she was adjusting well.

“We both knew that we liked each other and had strong feelings for each other. But the birth was the peaking point of our relationship, it bonded us.” Max’s help, it seems, will neither be forgotten nor underappreciated. “Motherhood is a big adjustment for anybody, especially with me being younger. But Max taking a week off from work really helped.”

Man of the Year Max cradling Allysa's child

As it usually turns out with stressful experiences, people get closer and form strong bonds of affection. It happened with the man of the year, as he now considers Ollie to be his own son. “Anxiety was the biggest thing. There were so many unknowns, so many things that I didn’t know about becoming a dad. There’s a lot of learning that comes with being a new dad, but me and Ollie are bonding quite well.”

Hodges has no idea how to deal with the praise coming from strangers regarding this man of the year. “On TikTok, everybody is asking if Max has a brother, calling him ‘man of the year’ and saying we were the cutest little family. It was a great reaction.”

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