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Jade Small
Jade Small
April 21, 2024 ·  3 min read

Wine Theme Park Would Be A Perfect Bucket List Trip With The Girls

Unless you are terrified of heights, the world loves theme parks! You’re able to be transported into another world. The best part is that they are a super fun way to keep the kids and yourself entertained. But, what if I told you that a theme park just for adults existed? And the theme for this park happened to be wine? Yup. That’s right—a wine theme park. Indeed! This magical place really does exist, and, it’s in France!

France is widely known for its wine

Image Credit: La Cité du Vin | Instagram

Producing around eight billion glass bottles and between 50 and 60 million hectolitres of adult grape juice every year. Indeed, it’s easy to see how France is undoubtedly one of the world’s biggest wine producers.[1] Combining wine with some theme park fun to create a wine theme park seems like an obvious collaboration to us! Some of France’s best wine destinations include  Château de Pierreclos, Pouilly-Fuissé,  Hameau du Vin, Romanèche-Thorins, and of course, Cité du Vin.[2] La Cité du Vin is home to the wine theme park and is known as “The City of Wine.”

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What to do at the wine theme park

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Credit: Instagram

La Cité du Vin was opened in June 2016. Altogether, it boasts 20 different themed areas where you can learn more about wine, drink wine, and immerse yourself in wine culture. Undeniably, learning about wine has never been more fun, and you’ll discover much about the world wine industry.

One of the themed areas includes a virtual helicopter where you can virtually fly over the winemaking regions in over 17 countries. You could also take a virtual boat ride, which will transport you back in time as you learn about how wine merchants transported their wine cargo. While at the Belvedere, you can enjoy a wine tasting along with an incredible 360-degree panoramic view of Bordeaux. Additionally, the city of Wine offers guided tours, a theater, and a retail shop. You’re also able to try out a workshop to learn about pairing wines with chocolate and cheese.[3]

You won’t get bored at this wine theme park!

A superb souvenir shop. Image Credit: La Cité du Vin | Instagram

The entire experience is so unique! While right now, you may not realize how much there is to learn about wine or how wine is meticulously made. A trip to this wine theme park will take care of that as you discover a range of ages, cultures, and civilizations.

The 13,350-square-metre space is stretched over 10 levels for you to explore. Altogether, It can take up to 10 hours to make your way through all the activities and visual productions. Accordingly, there is also wine-themed art on display at the wine theme park.

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Ticket Information

instagram pic La Cité du Vin
Credit: Instagram

For a single ticket, the Adult full rate is €20 ($24 USD), whereas, for a family of 4 adults and 2 children, you pay €50,00 ($60 USD). While you may want to visit sans kids, tickets per child cost €9,00 ($11 USD).

However, at the time of publishing this article, it should be noted that due to Covid 19, La Cite du Vin is currently closed to the public. But that gives us something to look forward to when travel restrictions finally loosen up! You can visit their webpage for the most up-to-date information.

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