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Airline offers adult-only section for travelers avoiding babies and kids

One airline is exploring the possibility of catering to travelers who seek a more tranquil environment. How? By introducing a premium charge to ensure they are seated away from infants and young children. And while that sounds like an actual holiday in itself for many, some are questioning the viability of child-free flying.

Corendon Airlines has revealed its intention to introduce an “adults-only,” child-free flying zone. Exclusively for passengers aged 16 and above, on its flights between Amsterdam and Curacao. The service is set to commence in November.

Passengers have been begging for child-free flying options

The Turkish airline’s idea aims to provide a serene atmosphere for travelers without children. Alleviating concerns that the noise and activity of young passengers might disturb fellow fliers. The plan entails designating a dedicated section at the front of their Airbus A350 jets for this purpose. Encompassing 93 standard seats and nine extra legroom seats.

This child-free flying section will be demarcated by either a partition or a curtain to separate it from the remaining seating area. To avail themselves of this no-children zone, passengers will be required to pay an extra booking fee of 45 euros ($49), which hikes to 100 euros ($109) for those seeking extra-legroom seats.

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For context, the typical length of a flight between Amsterdam and Curacao spans around 10 hours

Corendon Airlines Airbus A320-231 passenger plane arriving at Eindhoven Airport. The Netherlands - October 12, 2019

Brett Snyder, the owner of a travel agency and the author behind the Cranky Flier blog weighed in. Commenting on the potential demand for such exclusive child-free seating. He noted that, particularly for a leisure-focused airline like Corendon. Which often accommodates families with young children. The concept of passengers traveling sans kids being willing to pay a premium for a more serene ambiance holds appeal.

Snyder admitted that distant sounds of crying might still infiltrate even within the adult zone. Drawing a parallel to the past when non-smoking sections on flights were adjacent to smoking areas. So as much as child-free flying could become real, it’s unwise to assume you’ll completely block out all of the noise.

Scott Keyes, the founder of the flight search platform Going, asserted that Corendon’s additional fee is attractively priced and likely to attract a significant number of buyers. He also highlighted that this innovative approach benefits the relatively lesser-known airline by generating valuable media coverage and hype through its novel offering.

Corendon is not the pioneer in this regard. As Scoot, a budget airline headquartered in Singapore, has previously implemented a designated child-free flying section with a minimum age requirement of 12 for passengers. In 2012, Malaysia Airlines introduced a somewhat analogous concept by initially designating a 70-seat economy section on the upper deck of its Airbus A380 planes as child-free. However, the airline later changed its decision, citing flexibility in accommodating families with young ones in response to demand.

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