Sean Cate
Sean Cate
January 18, 2024 ·  3 min read

There’s a Rule About Diarrhea at Disney World. Please Don’t Break It.

While walking through EPCOT, you may notice an interesting sign with some rules posted caught some attention at the Liquid Layer Splash Pad.1 While most of the posted guidelines were pretty standard, one did stand out – instructions not to take part if you are experiencing diarrhea. While the irony couldn’t be missed considering the area is named “liquid layer,” the rule’s necessity comes from a broader concern for public health.

Splash Pad Problems

Image Credit: Disney Food Blog

Sure, it’s funny, but why would such a rule exist? Beyond the laughs, there’s a bigger story here. Disney’s rule on diarrhea is like a secret passage into the world of splash pads, where the fun might come with unexpected health risks.

This isn’t just a Disney thing. Splash pads everywhere could be hiding unseen dangers. Cryptosporidium and Naegleria fowlerii cases are on the rise. We need to be on our toes, follow safety guidelines, and make sure the water we’re splashing in is A-OK. The CDC warns they can be hotspots for germs, thanks to potential lack of chlorination, bad filtration, water recirculation, and kids being, well, being kids.

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Vigilance at the Splash Pad

Understanding why Disney cares about your tummy troubles opens up a whole discussion about keeping public spaces safe. It’s not just about laughs; it’s about everyone doing their part. Whether you’re in a theme park or your local watering hole, being careful and following the rules is a big deal. Splash pads are a mixed bag of fun and potential trouble. The CDC’s report tells tales of watery germ hotspots, especially when the rules aren’t strict. 

The CDC points out how vulnerable splash pads are to contamination, with poor water quality causing diseases to spread. Maybe it’s time to rethink how we regulate these water havens. Strengthening the rules could mean cleaner, safer experiences.

Bridging the Gap: Regulation and Awareness

Splash pads are a fun time in the summer, no argument there. But there needs to be an approach to keep them safe. First, tighten up the rules. Let’s not give germs a chance. Second, make sure everyone knows said rules. Signs, guidelines, verbal enforcement, whatever is necessary. Educating people about keeping the area safe is the best way to go.

That Disney World rule about diarrhea, weird as it sounds, speaks to a bigger issue – water safety. It serves to remind us that even local splash pads can be dicey. Whether it’s a big theme park or your neighborhood water spot, we all play a role in keeping things fun and safe.

As we splash around, let’s not just carry memories of weird rules; let’s also have our radars up for any hidden risks because water fun should always be carefree and never come with a side of unexpected troubles.

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