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Parents Are Posting Their Most Epic Fails, And It’s Hilarious

Society makes parents feel like they always have to be perfect. But in reality, there is no right or wrong way to raise your child, and accidents are bound to happen. We are all human, after all. Most of the time, these little “whoopsie” moments are hilarious. Thanks to some brave souls, we have a list of parents who have posted about their parenting fails for enjoyment purposes only.

1. Swimming or sipping lesson?

Go on a holiday they said. It’s only a nine-hour flight they said. It’s all fun and games until the sippy cup goes missing.

sip gently...
Image credit: kristinsday

2. Going potty parenting fails

The moment many parents have dreams about. Your child finally went potty on his own. In this case, he was definitely on the right track, just in his own way.

3. Parenting fails at the zoo

when a visit to the zoo goes unplanned. Next thing you know a stranger is giving compliments on your baby’s new hat. “Why what a beautiful hat your child has… oh wait, that’s a lemur.

Lemur hat
Image credit: Musicats78

4. Caffeine crazy

Most children are desperate to get a sip of their parent’s coffee until they try it for the first time. The bitter taste makes them wrinkle their noses – but not this guy!

5. Don’t mind her…

Taking your children out on a nice family outing can be an interesting activity. This family has realized it’s best not to ask questions. Sometimes, you just got to let them sit upside down at the dinner table.

Dinner dates parenting fails
Image credit: thegreatbarcia/Reddit

6. Road-tripping parenting fails

This parenting fail is hilarious. While driving home and their child slept peacefully at the back, their parents snacked on sunflower seeds and spat them out the window. However, they found their way back into the car.

Careful where you sit your seeds
Image credit: MiaSimper101

7. Even celebrities have parenting fails

Seeing as we are all human, celebrities are bound to make parenting fail here and there. Anna Farris showed her normality by posting an update on her son’s potty training.

8. Lego parenting fails

When you realize that you might have to start changing up your weekend activities, this child makes lego models of bars, with the typical drunkard falling off his stool and all.

Bar replicas of lego
Image credit: smarshyboy

9. Sleep training parenting fails… Moms and dads will relate

Moms and dads worldwide are wiping tears from their eyes right now. Tears of laughter because they’ve all been there with sleep training. It can be the single-most exhausting task.

tired is an understatement
Image credit: Boredpanda

10. Royal parenting fails

Like celebrities, the royal families of the world also deal with cheeky children occasionally. It is a right of passage for parents. Here is the Princess of Wales experiencing just that.

Well now...
Image credit: twitter

11. “Does not include instructions”

Sometimes the picture speaks 1000 words. This dad clearly did not read the instructions. It might be time to revert to a tutorial video. He tried his best, at least.

How does this thing work parenting fails
Image credit: Home addict

12. 1, 2, 3…. Whoops!

Growing up, most of us have memories of our parents saying, “It’s going to end in tears.” How right they were. Dad may need to tighten his grip there.

Hold on tightly!
Image credit: lizhansenphoto

13. Playhouse parenting fails

It’s all fun and games until dads miscalculate their Tarzan moment. Next thing he knew, his daughter was flying head-first into a pit of foam balls.

Image credit: Boredpanda

14. Pajama parenting fails

This picture is definitely going into the family album. Picture days parenting fails. Of all days, this child chose to wear his pajamas to school.

Pajama day mixed with picture day
Image credit: KillerKenyan

15. Clown-face parenting fails

This child does not look very impressed. Quite the opposite, actually. Better luck next time to the mastermind behind the facepaint.

Parenting fails
Image credit: reddit


This brings back memories of the 1996 Matilda. Mrs. Trunchbull was terrifying enough to be scarred by all of our memories. Although the child looks like they’re loving it.

17. DIY haircut

Some parents will go to great lengths to save a little bit of money on the side. This might have been a good idea. Maybe some coordinated teamwork is needed.

Image credit: fijones369

18. Playlist parenting fails

This mother might think twice before playing music for her baby via her iPod. either that, or she must make her child their own playlist.

they clearly likes the music genre
Image credit: mother_pukka

19. Leaving them alone for five minutes be like…

Whenever there is a silent moment in a household where children live, parents are terrified. Silence means mischief, and mischief is not always as funny as what this little girl got up to.

Tape? I see no tape?
Image credit:

20. Wait, turn back!

The dreaded realization when you arrive somewhere and you forgot something. Even worse for this family. They left the house and didn’t realize their child was showless..

no shoes parenting fail
Image credit: sarah_mcginnity

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