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This Dad Posts Funny Conversations He Has With His Daughters And They’re Hilarious

If you have a kid, you would know that they sometimes say the most outrageous things out loud. But, whatever they say ends up being a part of a funny conversation. Their innocence and mischief make up for some hilarious statements that send everyone to the floor laughing. Such an experience is what led James Breakwell, a comedy writer, and father of four girls, to create a series of tweets regarding funny parenting conversations. This writer has been chronicling the conversations he has with his daughters, and people all over social media are amused by it. 

Comedy Writer Puts Up Funny Conversation On Twitter- And We Are All For It!

Breakwell is also the mastermind behind the Twitter account that is responsible for putting those funny conversations out for people to read. The account has turned up to be quite popular thanks to this brilliant idea that he had. As a dad to four girls, this writer possesses a never-ending source of comedy at his disposal. We have also come across kids who are so curious that they would ask questions about anything- and usually, they turn up to be quite hilarious. 

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James Breakwell’s Twitter account of funny conversations has close to 1 million followers. Needless to say, his content has an audience- for this is highly relatable to everyone. Although his other variants of comedy have their own audience, it is the funny conversations that drive his account forward.

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