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Jade Small
April 24, 2024 ·  5 min read

20+ of the Funniest Kid’s Drawings Gone Horribly Wrong

Children are truly the most honest, blunt, and hilarious creatures to walk the earth. We can see this in the way they depict scenarios in their drawings. We have a list of 25 different kid’s drawings. One must always remember not to assume the worst when it comes to a child’s drawing.

1. Seemingly Disastrous Kid’s Drawings

The teacher of a little boy called in his parents for a chat. They later found that it was because of their daughter’s drawing on their most recent family trip. The little girl had drawn them all snorkeling, but it looked a lot more sinister to the teacher. The parts protruding from his family’s heads are the snorkels – do not assume the worst.

2. Buzz Lightyear Means to Harm

This image is clearly from a die-hard Toy Story fan. However, the spelling seems to be in question. It gives off an entirely different meaning that kids shouldn’t understand yet.

Image credit: Miecz

3. Monster Babysitter Receives Threat

This drawing was done by a little girl who does not like her babysitter. They made their babysitter this picture as a representation of how much they do not like her. Kid’s drawings can certainly strike up some laughter – and maybe some fear.

Image credit: cdogfly

4. More Phalic Kid’s Drawings

This one was drawn by a child who is clearly proud of their uncle. The firefighter received this drawing from their niece or nephew. It was meant as a means to show their appreciation.

Image credit: ORCH1D

5. She had Large… Earrings!

This teacher received this kid’s drawing from one of her students on their first day of school. At first glance, it might seem inappropriate. Until you take into consideration the jewelry they could have been wearing that day. Anything is possible.

Image credit: Copernicat

6. Kid’s Drawing of a New Found Passion

After a night of playing their kids some old-school rap on records, this child decided to recreate a DJ turn table. As excited as he looks while he pretends to play the music, it is hilarious to all adults who see something quite different.

Image credit: Amy Aucoin

7. Shh… Let’s not Assume Too Much with This Kid’s Drawing

Here is a child’s attempt to draw their fingers to their lips, which usually is a gesture to be quiet. However, it came out with a completely different gesture.

Image credit: briarbeauty

8. There seems to be a theme brewing here…

Yet again, we have another very phallic-styled kid’s drawing. These blue creatures are meant to be a representation of dolphins. Their Teacher should give them a gold star for effort.

9. Gott Love your Pet Rabbits

This drawing was done by a six-year-old boy. He was trying to portray his brother petting his pet rabbit. However, the choice of seat and bunny ears provides a questionable image to admire and giggle at.

Image credit: Family Days Tried and Tested

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10. Kid’s Drawing of an Easter Egg, Or…

Another six-year-old drew something that looks like a body organ. This kid’s drawing was meant to look like an Easter Egg. But, it came out looking very ambiguous.

Image credit: Family Days Tried and Tested

11. Dad and Santa in Kid’s Drawing

This kid’s drawing is slightly ambiguous… in all the wrong ways. The dad is meant to be shaking Santa’s hand. But Santa doesn’t seem to have an arm to extend.

Image credit: brianstk

12. Halloween Costume Ideas Gone Wrong

Halloween is a fun time of the year. Everyone gets to dress up as something they usually would never even dream of. However, these parents probably should’ve checked their kid’s drawing assignments before they handed them to the teacher.

Image credit: Family Days Tried and Tested

13. Mom’s Doing Her Part

It’s always nice to see when parents are pulling their weight at home. Not to mention, breaking stereotypes for the odd jobs around the house. This kid’s drawing is meant to show their mom mowing their lawn. However…

Image credit: l00pback0

14. As Honest as it Gets

One thing you will never be disappointed by is not receiving an honest depiction of yourself from your children. This kid’s drawing is brutal to any mom with facial hair and low self-esteem. But, at least they’re honest.

Image credit: Family Days Tried and Tested

15. Depiction of their Parent’s Wedding

This one was clearly meant to melt hearts. Their child wanted to recreate their parent’s wedding day. But, it took a slightly different turn.

Image credit: Nicole Loria

16. Kid’s drawing with Unclear Meanings

Mother’s Day is a special time of year for all mothers and children. It is the time to celebrate the matriarchal influence in our lives. This child’s heart was in the right place.

Image credit: Jasmine Ramsay

17. Needless to Say…

This child thought it would be a great idea to draw a picture of his neighbor in the shower. How he imagined his neighbor in the shower remains to be known. At least their mom confirmed that the axe is, in fact, not an axe.

Image credit: Family Days Tried and Tested

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18. So Mush-room for Kid’s Drawins in Nature

This child must have some interesting parents… Clearly, they like spending time outdoors. They made this kid’s drawing after some family time out in nature.

Image credit: Bored Panda

19. This One Requires Some Imagination

Artistry skills are not known to be a strength of three-year-olds. This is something they have to develop as they fine-tune their motor skills. This kid’s drawing is meant to be a picture of their father sleeping.

Image credit: Family Days Tried and Tested

20. Did Santa Dissapoint This Child Last Christmas?

This kid’s picture is meant to represent Santa Clause putting presents under the Christmas tree. It seems as if Sanata is not in their good books. Better luck this year, Santa!

Image credit: Amy Perry

21. Kid’s Drawings Are To the Point

It’s crazy how kids are always watching and observing. One needs to be mindful how they are behaving around their children. They might have a picture of them drawn that might reveal a little too much of themselves to their teachers.

Image credit: Family Days Tried and Tested

22. “It’s a Flower, I Swear!”

When this kid’s drawing was presented to the teacher, there must’ve been a few giggles shared. They intended to paint a flower with petals. However, you can see the humor in the depiction.

Image credit: Channy Pearson

23. Dino-Furniture Kid’s Drawing

This child drew her prediction of dinosaurs when they were still alive. According to her, they would make great items of furniture around the house.

Image credit: laurology

24. A Love For Cooking Displayed in a Kid’s Drawing

When your child has a favorite activity, but they depict it as quite the opposite. The brown thing on the right is not a pile of poop. It is a wooden spoon.

Image credit: Family Days Tried and Tested

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