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February 11, 2024 ·  4 min read

Mom Asks If She Was Wrong To Pick Up Her Son From A Sleepover After His Friend’s Parent Refused To Let Him Shower

As parents, we strive to create boundaries and structure for our children during their early years. Rules, especially while at a sleepover or friend’s house, can be a vital tool in helping our children learn the limits of acceptable behavior and actions. However, it’s essential to ensure that these rules are appropriate, clear, and consistent. Some rules can be excessive or even harmful to a child’s development. Therefore, it is essential to reassess and make changes to these rules when necessary, with the child’s well-being being the top priority.

In this instance, however, a mom’s no-bath-day rule, annoyed another mom enough to remove her child from the sleepover he was having at a friend’s house. So, what happens when another parent imposes their own rules on your child while they’re under their care? One mother shared her experience, describing how her eight-year-old son was subjected to rules that didn’t align with her parenting style during a visit to his best friend’s house. The mother noted that her son and his best friend, Brandon, were inseparable since their daycare days.

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The Sleepover

A 30-year-old mother, who goes by the username Throwaway_nobathday on Reddit, shared an incident involving her son, Jason, and his best friend, Brandon, in a post from April 2022. According to the mother, Jason, and Brandon have been inseparable since they were in daycare, and she is friends with Brandon’s mother, Ashley.

Although the mother typically doesn’t allow her children to stay over at friends’ houses, she had permitted Brandon to stay at her home since Ashley doesn’t enforce such a rule. Last weekend, however, the mother broke her own rule and allowed Jason to stay over at Brandon’s house. While she was spending some adult time with her husband, Jason called and said he wanted to come home because Ashley wouldn’t allow him to take a shower, claiming it wasn’t a “bath day.” Confused and concerned, the mother contacted Ashley and asked if she could let Jason take a shower. Ashley responded that Jason had to follow her rules since he was in her home.

She Called Her Son At The Sleepover Anyway

The mother agreed with Ashley’s point about following house rules but still felt uncomfortable about the situation. She called Jason and told him she would pick him up, and he eagerly agreed. When she arrived at Ashley’s house, Ashley confronted her about “teaching Jason that he doesn’t have to follow other people’s rules.” The mother explained that she was simply responding to her child’s discomfort and wouldn’t force him to stay in an uncomfortable situation.

User Throwaway_nobathday said that Ashley claimed that she allowed Brandon to take showers twice a day at the mother’s house, despite it being against her own rules. The mother responded that Brandon never mentioned an issue with her rules, and she would have taken him home if he was uncomfortable. Despite some heated back-and-forth, the mother tried to keep the argument calm since the boys were present.

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Here’s What Other Reddit Users Had To Say

Reddit users began giving their opinion on the situation. Some agreed that the mom had done the right thing, while others felt she was being a tad over-the-top. One person agree’d with the poster and commented: Your kid wanted a shower. I don’t know what kind of crunchy hippie hell these people live in but refusing to let a kid take a bath is just a weird stance. This isn’t some cultural value that needs to be respected. It’s just them being weird.

Uhuhoneyville also agree’d and said: Removing your kid from an uncomfortable situation is always a good thing. But I’m honestly baffled at these people who never showered at sleepovers or never have their kids shower at them? Like, what?

Some Reddit Commenters Thought The Mom Was In The Wrong

User sheramom4 said: I raised four kids and we had many many sleepovers and unless the kid was here multiple days no one showered or bathed unless they actually lived in the home. For a one-day sleepover the kids would go home sweaty, dirty, and overly tired. We, as the parents, didn’t typically shower if other kids were here either for one night.

Another Reddit user, who goes by the name CalgaryChris77, said:

Everything about this is so weird that I’m not sure how to rate this… I remember having sleepovers as a child… and no one ever took showers. I guess you have your right to get upset, but I see why the parents don’t want the kid taking a shower… seems awkward to have your child’s young friend having a shower at your house.

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This story highlights the importance of being aware of different parenting approaches and advocating for your child’s needs, even in unfamiliar settings. It’s crucial to communicate with other parents and caregivers about your parenting style and expectations for your child’s care. Open communication can help avoid misunderstandings and ensure that everyone is on the same page. Ultimately, the goal should be to provide a safe and nurturing environment for our children. One that promotes their well-being and helps them grow into happy and healthy adults. What are your thoughts on the matter? Let us know in the comments!

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