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40+ Parenting Hacks & Products You Wish You Knew About Sooner

Being a parent can be a roller coaster of emotions. From the happy, cuddly times to the not-so-fun times. However, what if we told you there are ways to make things easier for you? Here are 41 parenting hacks and products that help to turn tantrums into triumphs!

1. Bed Rails For the Wild Sleepers

Bed rails that fit queen and king sized beds
Image credit: Amazon

Some children are extremely active sleepers. They roll around in their slumber, catching butterflies, chasing dogs, or jumping in puddles while they dream. This often results in them falling out of bed and hurting themselves. So, what do parents do? Amazon has this awesome bed rail made by Maybabe, and it could be the perfect solution!

2. Baby Registries Give out Freebies!

Pregnant African American Woman Using Laptop

Looking for the perfect place to create a baby registry? Amazon is the perfect solution! When you create your registry, they will send off a hamper of goodies to help you as new parents.

3. Formula On-The-Go

Formula dispenser
Image credit: Amazon

For busy parents, this device sold on Amazon is a gift from the Gods. It helps parents by dispensing formula into their bottles without having to measure out the right amount each time. Tired babies can receive their formula for naptime in the blink of an eye.

4. Get Your Baby a Bum Brush

bum brush spatula
Image credit: Amazon

This smart and innovative device can help you from getting your hands all oily from the diaper rash cream. It acts as a spatula to dispense the cream onto, and you can wipe it onto the necessary areas. How smart!

5. De-clutter With These Storage Baskets

Storage bins
Image credit: Amazon

Most mornings can be a little chaotic. Especially for working parents who are always in a rush! These beautiful storage baskets from Amazon make life much easier to keep the clutter at bay, meaning less time sorting and tidying and more precious time with your loved ones!

6. No More Plastic Bathtubs!

Lotus petal bath tub from Amazon!
Image source: Amazon

The world is so riddled with plastic nonsense; why would you add to the problem by buying another plastic thing that you will only use for a short while? Amazon has a cushiony lotus flower that you place in your sink. Et voila! You have a super comfortable bathtub fit for your infant.

7. A Baby Chair For Any Table

Adjustable baby chair
Image credit: Amazon

Going to a restaurant will be easy with this nifty baby chair! This invention, sold by Amazon, can be adjusted to fit just about any table. You won’t have to deal with a cumbersome high chair that takes up too much space.

8. Baby Bassinets

Baby Basinet
Image credit: Amazon

This one is for parents who have just welcomed a new baby into their home. Tiny infants need to sleep close to their parents, which can cause sleeping issues for all parties involved. A baby bassinet is the exact thing you need!

9. Build a DIY Sensory Board

DIY sensory board

Children can be expensive, to say the least. Why not try to save some bucks by building a sensory board for your child with random things you find lying around the house? Try to find things with various textures and functions, but avoid anything sharp! Random buttons, locks, and lids are great components. This can stimulate their minds and help their learning potential.

10. BabyBjörn Bouncer for Your Baby

Baby bouncer seat
Image credit: Amazon

Parents with babies struggling with colic or reflux will appreciate this one. It is a bouncy chair that helps them sit comfortably for extended periods of time! It also allows them to be near you but not within a carrier. This gives you more freedom to use your hands and arms!

11. Glow App Life Saver

Young woman using smart phone pointing on screen

Before you were a parent, you may have struggled with remembering your appointments. When you brought your little one home, you thought you were done with all that for at least a while. But remembering your baby’s feeding and sleep schedules can be just as complicated. The Glow App might be just what you need.

12. Help Them Know What Time to Get Up

This alarm clock will save you sleep time
Image credit: Amazon

This nifty little alarm clock from Amazon can save you some precious sleep time. We all know how early kids tend to wake up, and it takes a while before they realize what time is appropriate to come wake up their parents. So, if they wake up at some ungodly hour, they will learn to play quietly in their room with their toys and wait until the clock turns green.

13. Burpy Babies

Gripe water for gas relief
Image credit: Amazon

A baby with trapped gas is not fun and games. Although it might be funny when they let rip, it can be excruciating to watch your little one in pain when they cannot release the gas. This gas relief and gripe water combo found on Amazon, made by Little Remedies, does just the trick!

14. Cool Mist Humifidier

Cool Mist humidifier
Image credit: Amazon

Aqua Oasis has created the ideal humidifier to keep anyone in your family sleeping comfortably. It will prevent dryness in the mouth and nasal passage that may keep them, and you as parents, awake at night. Find it on Amazon.

15. Mute the Sound and Let Them Read

Sometimes, the TV can be a real savior, especially for those parents who work from home. But it’s common to feel guilty for letting them zonk out all day in front of a screen. Why not turn this into an educational hack? Turn the sound off, and put on the subtitles. Now you have a reading exercise with colorful moving pictures! The next step would be to help them learn other languages with this trick.

16. Lovely Blocks

child playing with wooden blocks
Image credit: Amazon

Loverly had designed the ultimate block set for toddlers. It is the perfect pass-time for busy body babies with short attention spans. It’s fun and educational. What more could you ask for? Amazon clearly has everything you need to keep your little one’s mind sharp and entertained.

17. Take Away the Charger, Not the iPad

Small bonde child playing with ipad

Children these days are addicted to screens. This trick is not quite a punishment but also a management lesson. Now, they will have to learn how to save the battery of their favorite devices instead of running the battery dry. They will learn to control their addictions from an early age.

18. Clean Kids and Healthy Planet

A natural hair conditioner
Image credit: Amazon

Being eco-friendly is all the rage these days. At least, it should be! Amazon has an eco-friendly, natural hair conditioner that smells like a banana smoothie. You only need a little drop, and it will cover their whole head to save you money in the long run. It is approved and certified by Leaping Bunny and Natural Products Association

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19. Baby Sleeping-bag

baby in a swaddle bag sitting on mothers lap
Image credit: Amazon

All new parents have struggled with executing the perfect swaddle. These problems are over with this amazing little sleeping bag designed for babies. Now, parents can swaddle their babies into a slumber within five seconds!

20. 3-in-1 Picker

3-in-1 picking tool
Image credit: Amazon

This gadget is cleverly invented. It is not only a nose picker that gets those icky boogers out. But, it tripple as an ear and nail cleaner too. So many parents adore the simple idea of having one tool that does three jobs.

21. No More Tangles

de-tangling hair brush
Image credit: Amazon

Kids are well known for their crazy hair-dos in the morning. While yes, bedhead can be hilarious to look at; it is less funny when combing out the tangles ends up in a screaming match. This Macaron detangler from Amazon might just be the trick. It doesn’t always have to end in tears!

22. Stains Be Gone!

The perfect stain remover
Image credit: Amazon

Kids have a knack for creating a mess where ever they go. They are the ultimate experts in this regard! Luckily, Amazon has the answer to your problems. Wherever your kid leaves a mark that threatens to stay forever, this product by The Hate Stain Co. will erase just about any stain!

23. DIY Non-Slip Socks

When your children have learned to walk, they might put themselves in harm’s way by slipping on tiled or wooden floors. This DIY trick is the perfect solution to prevent bruised knees.

24. Preventing Accidental Locked Doors

This crafty parenting hack is perfect for kids who cannot resist a good old door lock. Some houses have old locks on their doors that are hard to pick, if not impossible. This trick can prevent your child from locking themselves or your pets inside a room.

25. Get Rid Of Changing Pads

Changing pad for dirty diaper episodes
Image credit: Amazon

One of the ickiest parts of parenting is agreeably the dirty diapers. Many parents are still using changing pads, either the washable ones or the ones that must be tossed after every diaper. The latter is terribly bad for the environment. So, this revolutionary changing pad sold on Amazon may provide a solution! With its sloped sides, babies cannot roll out and hurt themselves- and all you need to do is wipe it down after every change!

26. Measure Their Growth

Record your child's growth
Image credit: Amazon

Children love to see how fast they’re growing! However, those parents who do not own their own homes won’t be able to add notches on the walls of their homes. This product is here to save the day and will help to make sure you don’t get into trouble with the landlord when tracking your child’s growth.

27. Make Washing Hands fun with Faucet Extenders

Faucet extention
Image credit: Amazon

These faucet extenders teach your kids basic hygiene necessities and make it easy for them to reach the flow of water from the faucet. Now they have no excuse but to wash their hands whenever you ask!

28. Owlet Dream Sock

Sleep tracker by Owlet
Image credit: Amazon

The Owlet Dream Sock is the perfect invention for concerned parents. It makes it easier for parents to get healthy sleep through the night. It snuggly fits around their child’s foot with comfort and tracks their heart rate, sleep and waking times, oxygen levels, and more.

29. Use Boxes as a Canvas

baby boy with teddy bear toy and planes plays in cardboard box

Parents know how easily their newborns can escape once they learn how to crawl. Some mothers have started putting their crawling toddlers into old boxes to keep them in one place. This doubles as a temporary play-pen and an art box. Put some toys inside and some paints and crayons. They can decorate the walls of the boxes or fiddle with their toys.

30. Learning Made Easier

A step tool for better exposure
Image credit: Amazon

Kids are always wanting to know what you are busy with. The kitchen counter is not low enough for them to see what’s happening, and this often ends in accidents when they try to climb up to get a better view. This learning tower will help them learn new skills by enabling them to view things from your perspective.

31. Help Baby Fall Asleep

Sleep Shusher device
Image credit: Amazon

Some babies have a knack for falling asleep in the weirdest places. Others are not so lucky. Those parents can head to Amazon and purchase one of these Baby Shushers. It omits a shushing sound to help lull your baby into a slumber while saving you some energy.

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32. Get an Intelligent Monitor

Intelligent baby monitor by Lollipop
Image credit: Amazon

Some baby monitors will bleep when a baby makes just about any sound. This causes new parents to rush to their child’s aid when all they do is fuss for no reason. Amazon sells this intelligent baby monitor by Lollipop. It can tell the difference between a real cry and a fussing baby.

33. No More Boogie Man

Some children suffer from nightmares, which can be tricky for their parents. This DIY room spray will save you some money without having to fork out extra pennies for store-made versions. You can let them believe you are spraying away the boogie man or bed monsters by spraying it right before they go to sleep. The scents help soothe them into a restful sleep.

34. Hakaa Breast Pump

Hakaa Breast Pump
Image credit: Amazon

Breastfeeding mothers will love this device! If your breasts are engorged or leaking, this award-winning silicone breast pump by Hakaa will bring you loads of relief.

35. Only Zipper From Now On

Baby grows with zippers
Image credit: Amazon

Baby grows with zippers that can prevent their clothes from falling off. Additionally, when they eventually learn how to unsnap the buttons, it prevents them from getting undressed halfway through the night. Amazon sells these cute little baby grows with fuzzy ears for added adorableness.

36. Baby Wipes – Everywhere!

Mother Wiping Baby's Face with wet wipe

One thing most parents will agree on is that baby wipes are like gold! Keeping wipes stashed all around the house can help ease the day-to-day messes your child will inevitably make.

37. Sleep Training Made Easy

Sleep Trainer
Image credit: Amazon

One of the hardest jobs as a parent can be sleep training. Not only does your baby not understand yet, but it can be exhausting for you as a parent. The Hatch Rest sold on Amazon helps to hush your baby to sleep. It triples as a night light, sound machine, and sleep trainer.

38. No More Scratching

Baby mittens
Image credit: Amazon

Babies have surprisingly sharp nails! Sometimes they scratch themselves when they’re sleeping, and new parents worry about potential scars. Amazon sells cute little infant mittens that can prevent infant children from scratching themselves.

39. File Them While They Sleep

Filing babies nails

If the mittens haven’t arrived in the mail yet, you can always try filing those sharp little nails down! This is best achieved while your child is deep in slumber. This little trick or tip could save you a lot of drama and unnecasary screaming!

40. The Dream Stroler

Double jogging stroler
Image credit: Amazon

Is your family blessed with twins? Or maybe you have two children of similar age that still require a stroller. This innovatively designed stroller was found on Amazon; many parents have been fawning over it! It is the perfect stroller to take your little ones for a walk around the park or a jog around the block.

41. Pool Noodles Have Multiple Uses!

baby Scarlett in the bath - gently floating in a self-made contraption of a pillowcase with a pool noodle
Image Credit: Kmart Mums Australia

Pool noodles can be one of the most handy things to keep around when you have kids. Firstly, you can baby-proof your house by covering all sharp edges with pool noodles. Just slit them down the middle and fit them over edges that pose a threat. Secondly, they provide an amazing bathtime hack. Bend the noodle into a U-shape and tie the ends together so it doesn’t pop out. Then, drape a towel over the noodle, and you now have a water hammock for your little one to float in while you clean them.

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