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January 5, 2024 ·  5 min read

Mom Called The Police On Her Son’s 13-Year-Old Pal As He Wouldn’t Leave Her House

When it comes to being a parent, there are a few things that remain true regardless of where in the world you may reside or what influences you grew up with. One of those things is that you will protect your child from harm, especially if you are a mom. They don’t call it ‘mama bear’ mode for nothing, after all! Well, one ‘mama bear’ chose to protect her son from his 13-year-old ‘friend’ when she called the police to have him removed from their home.

Sound extreme? Listen to the full story before making that judgment. The dilemma was spotted on a Reddit thread known as AITA. AITA is the abbreviation for “Am I The A***ole,” where Redditers ask the public if they did the right thing. User Comprehensive-Rip776 posted their story and waited for the responses to start flowing in. She called the police on a 13-year-old boy and wanted to know if her actions were over the top. The reviews have been mixed, and many feel she did the right thing. However, others thought that she should’ve done more to handle the situation instead of resorting to calling the police.

Would you have Called the Police if it was Your Child?

The day began like any normal day. Comprehensive-Rip776‘s son, Brian, had his friend, Tom, over for a sleepover. Both children are 13 and have many of the same interests, although they share some differences too. Brian is on the spectrum and has a hard time making friends. As such, Tom is one of Brian’s very few friends. Because of this, the mom ends up tolerating things from Tom she normally wouldn’t tolerate from other children. According to her, “Tom has never been disciplined a single day in his life, and is under the impression that there are and never will be any consequences for his actions.”

She warned Brian that although he and Tom are friends, she believes he is using Brian for his Nintendo Switch. Every time he came over, he ended up taking sole control of the gaming device, and usually would play single-player games on it, making Brian feel obsolete. When they had a sleepover, the exact same thing happened. Tom ran upstairs and headed straight to the Switch. “He played until 3 am on Sunday morning, and then he woke up at 10 am, and without joining us for breakfast, started playing more.

Seeking his mother’s help

Brian eventually reached his threshold and wanted Tom to leave around noon that day. Unfortunately, Tom did not listen to Brian and ended up ignoring him completely. Feeling helpless, Brian turned to his mom for guidance. She explained he needed to be more assertive, and encouraged him to try one more time to be clear and direct with Tom. This had no effect on Tom, who continued to act as if the world revolved around him.

I told him I had to drive him home, and Tom responded that he’d walk (it’s like two miles). Then I told him that he had to go home, and the kid legitimately looked me in the eye and said “No, I don’t think I will.””

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Drastic, or the Only Option?

Naturally, this was when she decided to phone Tom’s mother and have her intervene before the situation escalated. Apparently, Tom’s mother was in a meeting and was too busy to deal with her defiant son at that moment.

Finally, I unplugged the machine from the wall causing his game to turn off, but he attached the controller to the handheld part and sat on Brian’s beanbag chair, again impervious to anything we said.”

Feeling completely out of options, she called the police. “Since we live in a small town, the police officer (a good friend of ours) came right over. He walked up to Tom and said there had been complaints of trespassing, which Tom responded to by saying he was invited. The officer looked at me, and I assured him that we had asked him to go home. Then, the officer asked if he wanted to be charged with misdemeanor trespassing.”

At this point, Tom decided it was probably best to leave and go with the officer back home. “An hour later Tom’s mother called me and shrieked over the phone until hoarse about how horribly I had treated her son. I stayed calm and told her I had called her, but she said she was busy in a meeting and couldn’t talk.”

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The reactions to this story have ranged from fully supportive, to extremely critical. Would you have called the police in a situation like this? It’s a tricky one indeed. You can’t handle instances like this that involve children in the same way you would with an adult. However, some people’s responses to how they would’ve handled it makes us hope they don’t actually have children of their own. Some responses suggested that the mom should have “grabbed the game out of Tom’s hands.” Ultimately, that would’ve been a horrible idea. Seeing as this child was completely aware of how to respond to police with “I was invited,” he would also likely have claimed assault if the mom took the game away.

Other users hypothesized that perhaps Tom’s mom didn’t want him at home, so she ignored the urgency of the phone call. Upset, she couldn’t believe that someone called the police on her son. Shocking to her, some Reddit users applauded the action.

How would you have handled this situation if it was your child?

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