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Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
February 10, 2024 ·  3 min read

The Cleaning Hack To Remove Yellow Stains From Pillows That Costs Just 5 Cents

Summers are often problematic for many things- of which sweat is an integral factor. We probably have fresh, white linen sheets on our pillows that we sleep on in these swelteringly hot summer nights. And while the sleep in itself is pretty refreshing, a glimpse beneath the pillowcases is anything but. The heat is soaked up like a sponge, and the white pillows turn yellow. But, a cleaning expert has brought up an easy way that would reverse the damage- at a price of just 5 cents. The trick was shared by fans of Mrs. Hinch, the cleaning sensation, who often recommends tips and tricks for removing stains and cleaning pillows. 

Recently, one of her fans asked her about the pillow cleaning hack on the dedicated Facebook cleaning page. They wrote, “Hi, how does everyone remove yellow stains from their pillows, mine is covered in them. I’ve tried using baking soda and white vinegar but the stains are still there. What else can I try?” Interestingly, there are quite a few reasons why one’s white pillow will turn yellow, but sweat is usually the main cause. However, it has also been seen that people who have oily hair, or those who go to bed with damp or wet hair might also discover yellow stains on their pillow. Some individuals have also commented that skincare products and makeup could also cause these marks to appear.

Pillow Cleaning Hack- Turn Your Yellow Pillows Brand New!

Therefore, before one moves on to the pillow cleaning hack, it is important that one notice a stain before attempting to clean it off. Also, experts have suggested that every household usually washes their pillows at least twice a year. But if one doesn’t have the time for that, there is an effective and cheap method that won’t end up breaking the bank. Certain Facebook users of that group also advised that if one were to use a dishwasher tablet, it would rid the nasty coloration in just a single wash. 

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There were several comments on it. One person commented, “I always use a dishwasher tablet to wash my pillows and any white laundry. My whites and pillows have never looked so white.” Another individual commented on their pillow cleaning hack, “Use a dishwasher tablet in your washing machine. It’s a no-effort hack to get all the stains off in just one wash cycle.” A third individual came up with, “Nothing has given me better results when washing my pillow than a dishwasher tablet has.” And finally, a fourth user commented, “Add a dishwasher tablet to your washing machine when cleaning your pillow with nothing else and it’ll come out gleaming,” 

The Cost-Effectiveness Is Unbeatable

Another reason why this pillow cleaning hack is so popular is because it is dirt cheap. A pack of 30 dishwasher tablets that one can pick from Asda will come to 1.34 pounds, which is around 4p per tablet. On the other hand, a pack of own-brand dishwasher tablets from Sainsbury’s could be picked up for just 3 pounds. A packet of 40 Tesco all-in-one dishwasher tablets will cost 3.90 pounds, which means it will cost one 9p to use just a single tablet. Incidentally, dishwasher cleaning tablets are usually found in kitchens, but certain cleaning advice websites have informed us that using dishwasher tablets to clean the washing machine might not be good. 

Speaking to Ideal Home, it has been understood that while dishwasher tablets- which result in the pillow cleaning hack- aren’t likely to cause any damage, she always recommended following the advice given by the manufacturer. She stated, “We’d advise that people follow the manufacturer instructions on how to clean the machine as these differ from each model and type. Many now even have their own cleaning programme to do so.

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