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Jade Small
Jade Small
June 30, 2021 ·  2 min read

Doting Dad Catches Adorable Twin Babies Engaged In The Sweetest Conversation With Each Other

The bond between twin babies is quite unique. In fact, it’s unlike any other sibling connection. Only 3.3 percent of births are twins, according to data from the CDC. They share the same DNA, meaning that they may share similar physical and mental health characteristics as well. Twin babies are especially close because they are developing essential learning skills together, with each other’s help.

One dad was exceptionally lucky when he caught his twin babies communicating in the most adorable way ever. The dad was filming when his two twins, Stijn and Merle, started talking in their own little language. It’s clear that they understand one another and even laugh together with the flow of conversation. It’s really incredible to see!

Twin Babies on Video Talking Together

Now obviously they are only a couple of months old so they aren’t “talking” in full sentences, or even a language we would understand. But they understand it, and that’s clear in the video below. This video of Merle and Stijn has over 22 million views so far, and after you watch it, you’ll understand why- it’s so cute!

Roy Johannink

I wish I had a baby-language translator, so I knew what they were saying. It sounds like it was quite enthralling. I can imagine they were recanting the day’s events with one another. Roy Johannink also thought the conversation between his children was amusing, as you can hear him laugh a bit in the background. And who wouldn’t laugh while watching this? It’s absolutely adorable!

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While the twin babies look into each other’s eyes, you can tell that their connection is indeed a special one. The baby-speak is something we will have to leave to the scientists to figure out. A few months later, Roy uploaded another video of his two babies. This time, they look like they have grown quite a bit! Stijn is seen pushing Merle around in her little toy vehicle. And it looks like Merle is enjoying her ride around the house!

Roy Johannink

Babies are so sensitive to the emotions of others, and this includes other babies as well. Twin babies share a bond that no one else will be able to replicate. Besides sharing identical genetic material, they also share a subconscious connection. This connection helps them to feel more balanced and supported by knowing someone shares the same things they are experiencing. It’s like the ultimate security blanket.

Having more than one baby at a time can be a real challenge. You’ll never have a dull moment! While there aren’t any conclusive studies that confirm twins have ESP or that they can communicate without speaking, it’s likely they will team up against you if you upset one of them. So watch out! 🙂

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