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Jade Small
Jade Small
December 30, 2023 ·  4 min read

Woman Refuses To Let A Man Board First-Class, But Regrets It Instantly After Hearing His Reply

An airport is a place of tumultuous energy. There is so much excitement in the air from those going to visit family, explore new countries, and more! There is also a lot of stress to be felt because there is a lot that can go wrong if you are not paying attention. You could end up at the wrong terminal, let alone the wrong gate, causing you to miss your flight. Or, you could be dealing with lost luggage, or maybe your child wandered off too far.

For Emmitt, he did not expect to feel any stress. In 2017, the African-American music executive had booked a flight to the Dominican Republic for a holiday with some friends, first class no less. So, they arrived at the airport feeling very excited, not to mention chuffed of their A-grade tickets. But then, they experienced the last thing they could have imagined.

Excitement Brews Irritation

Usually, it is advised to arrive a couple of hours before your international flight so that you avoid any risks of being delayed and missing your flight. As we have mentioned, a lot can go wrong, so Emmitt arrived promptly on time. This allowed him to be one of the first in line when the call for first-class passengers to the board was made. He stood up and waited for his turn.

A woman was standing behind him in the queue who seemed to be baffled why he was there. She kept glancing at him, looking as if scorning him with her eyes. Emmitt recorded their whole interaction on a Facebook post that quickly went viral. She said to him, “Excuse me, I believe you may be in the wrong place you need to let us thru (sic.) This line is for priority boarding.”

So then, Emmitt turned to the woman with raised eyebrows, he took out his ticket and showed it to her explaining that he knows exactly where he is and where he is going. The woman scoffed and said to her friend; “He must be military or something, but we paid for our seats so he still should have to wait.” 

The Calp-Back

Emmitt was confused. How had she so easily assumed that he did not pay for his ticket, what made her think such things? The racism just seemed obvious. So what was his next move? He gestured to his body, and said; “Nope, too big to ever be in anybodies military (sic). I’m just a n**** with money.”

Emmitt’s post quickly went viral. This is no surprise because assumptions like these should have been forgotten by humanity a long time ago. We are all equal in our current days, and the audacity of this woman needed to be corrected.  

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Viral Post Gone Wild

Emmitt posted a selfie with his viral post with the nagging woman standing behind him, obviously trying to ignore him. There were a few comments on the post that stood out amongst the rest. One of the commenters said; “The power of an educated man with patience” Was a comment in response to what Emmitt said to the racist woman. Another comment said; “Never judge a book by its cover. She is so ignorant it makes no sense that people like her still exist. Enjoy yourself, you handled it well,”

One of the comments was made by someone who is in the military. They said; “I’m prior military and I’m offended. What does the military have to do with your ability to pay for first class? Heck, they gave us economy seats. Nope, not a valid reason to assume why you would have 1st tickets. These racists are bold!”

An Apology… from Emmitt??

After the viral post had done its work of shaming this woman, Emmitt felt bad for her and he made another post to apologize. This just shows what an amazing guy he is because he recognized that even if the woman was wrong for what she did, he didn’t intend on publically shaming her to the world. His Facebook post said:

“When I posted that post on Facebook I didn’t expect all that to come from it. I can honestly name the four or five people i thought would comment with something funny, and that will be it. This racist stuff is definitely a issue but this is not the solution to that issue. It brings me no joy waking up in paradise to for my 37 bday and knowing that woman might be going threw hell. The story was definitely real, just like this issue is definitely real, but I now know that I myself should of handled it another way, or left it how it was, and not shared it publicly. When dealing with people i always try to stay on the side of Right, so to make sure I never do anybody wrong, I try to always put myself in that persons shoes, and ask how would I feel if that person did this to me, and if I was her this morning I would be a total wreak today, and that doesn’t help this situation, or her…it only makes them more angry, and bring more drama…SO I WOULD LIKE TO APOLOGIZE AGAIN TO THE WOMAN I HAD THIS ENCOUNTER WITH YESTERDAY. NO MATTER HOW WRONG YOUR ACTIONS YOU DON’T DESERVE THIS.

Just a day later, Walker conscience weighing on him, he issued an apology to the woman 

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