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Aunts Are Really Special and Important, Here Are 15 Reasons Why

Everyone has that favorite aunt – maybe you are that favorite aunt! Well, today we want to give some praise to all the amazing aunts that have impacted our lives. We’ll even go so far as to say that behind every incredible human being, there’s an incredible aunt. Aunts are the best.


It’s true. Of course, parents and grandparents have a powerful and positive effect on a child’s development. But the aunts of the world definitely bring a unique quality to their nieces and nephews’ lives. They’re sort of like a big sister or second mother. Below, there are 15 reasons why aunts are so important to have in a child’s life.


1. She was your partner in crime growing up

Almost everyone can relate to this… She let you get away with things you would’ve gotten in trouble for. She told you family secrets you weren’t supposed to know, and she would always sneak you candy or anything you were not supposed to have.


2. She is the one you go to for dating advice

Because she won’t freak out like your mom and won’t let you do whatever you want like your friends. She is the perfect person to talk to about the guy you’re unsure of or the guy you just started talking to or the guy you want to bring home. Sometimes our emotions can cloud our judgment, but your aunt is voice of reason through it all.


3. She is the one you love to drink with

Depending on who you are, this might be the unumber one reason aunts are the best. I mean, She was probably the one who gave you your first drink or the one who thinks there’s nothing a drink couldn’t fix. Not to say that drinking solves your problems… But your aunt definitely knows how to foster an environment that makes you feel safe and willing to speak openly with her.


4. She is the one you call when you’re helpless

Not only will she tell you what to do, she might drop whatever she is doing and come help you. Cool aunts are usually tougher than most people and will not let their nieces go astray.


5. She stands up for you in front of your parents

Growing up and even into adulthood, it can seem like it’s you against the world. But your aunt knows you and she always sees your point of view and speaks on your behalf when your parents or anyone else is against you.


6. She is the one you look up to

You admire her strength, her charisma, her flexibility and her resilience; how she can act like a mother one day and a 10-year-old kid the next. You admire how she lives life to the fullest no matter what life hands her. She is the ultimate mentor and role model.


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7. She helped you understand your parents

Sometimes, you can’t see the forest for the trees. No matter how much you may disagree with your parents, they’re coming from a place of love. She knows them and she knows you and she is always telling you stories about their past so you can understand them better. Your aunt is the one who helped you love them when they were being hard to love. She helps you take a step back and see a different perspective.

8. She encouraged your rebellious phase

Even though she was worried, she encouraged you to go out and explore the world the way you saw it. She wanted you to become your own person like she did. Even when your parents almost gave up on you, she knew you will always find your way. She sees herself in you and she gets it.

9. She knows all your friends

Imagine your mom crashing “Girls Night”? No thanks! But it’s different for your aunt. She may even join your ladies night from time to time. They all love her and ask about her. She is always cracking jokes and making fun of them and of course she is just as generous with them as she is with you.

10. She is the one you confide in

She knows your darkest secrets, the ones you can’t tell your friends about and the ones you surely can’t tell your mom about. You know they are safe with her and you know she will never hold them against you. That’s the kind of bond nieces and nephews can share with their aunts.

11. She has the last word

Even though you act like you listen to your mom or you need her approval, it’s really your aunt that has the last word. You trust her opinion more, you trust her judgment and you trust her blindly because she knows you better than you know yourself.

12. She knows how to make you smile

Remember all those times you felt misunderstood and nothing or no one could help? You’ve probably spent plenty of nights at her house because you just couldn’t deal with anyone. She is the only one you can take in full doses and she always knows how to comfort you. She is always the one you go to when you feel like no one understands you.

13. She still spoils you

Even though family stopped showering you with gifts at a certain age, your aunt still spoils you. No matter how old you are, you will always be her baby niece, and she will forever pamper you like you were first-born. Birthdays or not, she never comes empty-handed.

14. She is your person

In those times of need, your aunt is who you think of first. She is your first and real best friend, because she knew you when you were a baby and she knew your parents when they were young and reckless and she knew the family secrets so you don’t have to explain anything to her. She knows it all and she knows how to solve your problems. Your conversations can go on forever and it will only feel like a minute.

15. She loves you unconditionally

Like we said, aunts are like second moms. Whether she has kids or not, whether she is close to your mom or not, whether you are the golden girl or a hot mess, she just loves you wholeheartedly. She chose you, she was the one who decided she wants to be your best friend rather than your aunt. You will have a special place in her heart and she is not afraid to tell the whole world that you are her favorite niece.

Lastly, and in Incase You Didn’t Realize, Aunts Are The Best

Did any aunt in particular come to mind when you were reading through these? If so, text or call or meet up with them today. Let them know how much they’re positively impacted your life and celebrate your relationship! Maybe one day you will be a favorite aunt (or uncle) to a niece or nephew.

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