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Jade Small
Jade Small
May 2, 2024 ·  3 min read

‘I’m A Sugar Mama – My Favorite Thing Is Seeing My Guy’s Eyes Light Up When I Pay His Allowance’

The modern world is full of weird and wonderful ways to make money. Furthermore, there is a larger spectrum of activities, relationship types, sexual preferences, and so on, that are becoming more and more accepted. Today’s age sees many people who are in relationships with “sugar daddies“. A term referring to a man who pays his romantic or sexual partner an allowance just for being. After a divorce, one woman decided she was going to become a sugar mama. She says it gives her the greatest joy in the world to brighten her sugar babies’ lives with a payment or a gift.

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Kara the sugar mama

Sugar daddies are quite a common phenomenon. Many people thrive in their relationships where they get a monetary allowance. Some do not even have to work anymore because they are fully supported by their sugar daddy. These days, sugar mamas are becoming more common. One woman went through a divorce, only to find joy in giving an allowance to her partner. Kara, 35 years old, said: “My favorite thing about being a sugar mama would definitely be when I pay the guy.”

Kara is known on TikTok as officialsugarmamakara. She has almost 360,000 followers who are eager to see what she does with her sugar babies. Through her videos, she also explains how she became a sugar mama and gives advice on how to become one yourself. “So, I decided to become a sugar mama right after my divorce,” she explained. “Just because I was tired of being a girlfriend or a wife. I have never gone back.” She added: “I feel it’s better for me. It helps build character as taking care of somebody is the best feeling in the world”.

Video credit: TikTok

Most of her lovers are younger men, however, Kara explains that the best part is when she pays them their allowance. This contrasts most people’s opinions that she’s just in it for their youthful stamina and unwrinkled skin. “When I pay my sugar baby the weekly allowance, seeing his eyes light up is like the most amazing feeling in the world,” she said.

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Look for older women

Kara wishes for more women to become sugar mamas if that’s what they want in life. She wishes to inspire others to stop feeling ashamed about their preferences. Additionally, she explains how loyal sugar mamas are. Most have been in and out of relationships and marriage, and they are done with playing games. “They won’t let you down and it’s very amazing to have you because you guys communicate all the time and will be very connected,” explained Kara. I would advise you to look for older women because they have played that game and they are done with it. I hope this inspires you to find a sugar mama!”

Image credit; TikTok / officialsugarmamakara

How to become a sugar mama

Tips on how to become a sugar mama
Image credit; TikTok / officialsugarmamakara

In another video on her TikTok account, Kara mentioned three tips on “how to become a sugar mama”. the first tip is to check your ego. “Make sure your ego is in check,” she said. “No one like a sugar mama who thinks she’s better than everyone else. Always accept people for who they are, and always have an open heart and an open mind.”

The second tip is being honest. “Make sure you are honest and upfront with who you are,” she said. “If others can’t accept who you are then they’re not worth being friends with.” The third and final sugar mama tip is about having a successful job so that you can pay your sugar baby. “Don’t set up a payment arrangement that you’re not able to keep. A sugar baby will not want to stay with you if you’re not consistent on the payment arrangement.”

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