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Cody Medina
Cody Medina
November 2, 2023 ·  5 min read

‘We-Sheds’ With A Shared Deck Are Perfect For Couples Who Want Some Extra Space

If you own a tiny home or have a lot of space on your property, you might want to dive into this new trend. Just recently, tiny homes and ‘we sheds’ have been gaining a lot of popularity. This concept is designed for people who don’t mind small spaces. Of course, we’ve seen a lot of he sheds and she sheds but this is meant for everybody. You’ll find yourself wanting to hang out in the new we shed all the time!

He Shed, She Shed, We Sheds

Most houses with big families usually have a space dedicated to one or the other. This is aimed entirely for you and your partner to get close but still have your space too. Thanks to the help of Portable Buildings of Greater Houston, this concept is more than doable. “We sell the best quality Metal Buildings, Carports, storage sheds, she-sheds, man caves, and cabins at the best prices with the biggest selection on the market guaranteed from Premier Portable Buildings and American Steel!”

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What an awesome idea

You should take the time to browse some of the concepts they’ve come up with. They specialize in these structures and aim to make them as comfortable as possible. Design them to fit all of your needs in order to relax and enjoy your quiet time.

For couples that have the space to build one of these we sheds gives a lot of creativity for the cutest little hangout areas. Not only does it allow for the both of you to have some closeness but allows the use of additional square footage. When you’re done you get to go back to your house! They are perfect for hosting small get-togethers, a reading space, office space, and so much more. Sometimes having this additional space can be a lot more convenient than you realize.

Should You Get A We Shed?

Ideally, this is something that you would add to your tiny home or your property. Of course, people love to use their main house for a variety of different reasons. However, having a we shed expands those possibilities and allows for a lot more creativity for the both of you. We sheds also give you the chance to break away from everyday living in your house. What’s even cooler about these designs is that there’s more than enough space for both of you. Whether you want a TV, a reading nook, or a fireplace, it’s all doable. All you have to do is find the perfect spot to put it!

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Shared Space

Some couples have two sheds connected together by a singular deck that they share. It allows you to have your own space as well as being connected to the outdoors. Leaving you with nothing but the potential to create your perfect outdoorsy home to your liking. You don’t need to be in Houston to get one of these either. Our neighbors north of the border are doing it too! Take a look excerpt from the Ottawa Citizen.

“People don’t think of using a shed for some purpose other than storage … a lot of people think, gross, spiders and bugs or whatever else, (But) the possibilities are endless … and what you’re seeing with the whole shed trend is people are keeping that rustic, outdoorsy look.” Explains Ottawa designer, Kristi Blok from Kiki Interiors. (1)

We Sheds Have A Lot Of Potential

A 'We shed' in Ottawa, Canada
Image Credit: Jean Lavac | Ottawa Citizen

It’s all a matter of perspective and how you view your daily living. If you live in Canada, or somewhere full of nature, this might be a really good idea. Having a sustainable lifestyle can take on many forms. Tiny homes, we sheds, and so many other variants allow you to live a minimalist and freeing life. Not being bound to a particular structure gives you the ability to expand outward.

That’s exactly what Lynsey Bennett did to her home in Ottawa’s Little Italy. Completely transforming her entire backyard into the ultimate hosting garden. Paired with her own we shed, she claims that this has changed her lifestyle entirely. “It’s another extension of my home. When I do entertain, I don’t have to have everyone in my house. I have the deck or people can hang out in here … It adds another dimension.” Bennet explains her joy and reasoning for having a we shed in her backyard. “It surprises people when they come here because I’m living in the middle of Little Italy but I have all this square footage.” She adds. (1)

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It’s Never Too Late

All it takes is a little coordination and a lot of creativity to get yourself started on this path. You should take the time to browse some of the many we sheds that people have created throughout the years. This is definitely a trend that you’ll get sucked into.

Imagine having a fireplace fit perfectly into your we sheds living room. You have a nice hot tub on your deck outside. There are no other outside sounds other than the beautiful nature surrounding you. Happiness doesn’t have to feel like it’s so far away finally. There are so many ways that you can make use of the square footage of your property. Why not add something as cool as your own space to entertain your family and friends?

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