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2 sisters move into 2 tiny homes next to each other & design home to reflect their unique styles inside

The tiny home movement has been a growing adventure for many people. More and more are giving up their lavishly large houses for quaint little homes. Perfectly designed with all the modern fixtures And more than enough space. Two sisters decided they wanted to live together, but not in the same house. They moved into two tiny homes directly opposite each other. They are seemingly the same but decorated to fit their individual styles. The definition of “same-same but different”.

Two sister living in tiny homes next to each other
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The tiny home sisters

Two sisters that have completely different ideals of life have moved into two tiny homes directly opposite from each other. As they have grown, they have accepted each other’s differences, seeing them as what makes them unique. They embraced it in a way many sisters might admire— by choosing to live so close together. However, each sister has their own living space that they run as they please.

their homes look the same on the outside, and different on the inside.
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Alexis Monkhouse, 25, and Ashley Okegbenro Monkhouse, 23, had lived together most of their lives. Growing up they lived with their parents. When they graduated, they moved into a college apartment together. Ashley said it was “exhausting” to live with her sister because they had such different standards for their homes. They were not getting along while sharing a space, but they wanted to live together. So, in 2018, they found a way to make their lifestyle possible without any conflict.

Ashley wanted to move out, which made Alexis worried about paying rent. They had recently received some money from an insurance benefit from their mother’s passing. So, Alexis decided to buy herself a tiny home. After viewing a couple, Ashley joined in on the plan. “I think we toured one house and were like, ‘OK, this is really cool,’” said Alexis. “Then we toured the second house, and Ashley was like, ‘OK, I’m going to get a tiny house, too.”

Same, same, but different

Where many sisters share similar styles, Ashley and Alexis could not be more different. The inside of their tiny homes reflects this perfectly as each one is unique to their preferences. Ashley’s home cost a total of $80,000 to build, with a strict color scheme of blacks, whites, and greys. The 325ft house includes a kitchen, and an open-plan lounge area, her bedroom is in the loft above, and her bathroom even has a bathtub. If you ask her, her tiny home is the epitome of modernity.

Ashley's home
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While her sister Alexi’s home cost $75,000 to build. Alexis prefers the “homey and warm” look with an orange undertone color scheme and natural wood finishes. Her 325-square-foot home is equipped with two lofts above, and the ground floor has a bathroom and a kitchen with an open-plan lounge. She lives there with her daughter, Nalini, so she custom built some bookshelves into the lounge.“We love our houses,” Ashley said. “I think it’s because it’s designed for each of us. It’s how we wanted it.”

Alexi's home
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Tiny Home Village

The sisters are very happy with their homes, now that they are built. Originally, they moved their homes to Land O’ Lakes in Florida, which is farmland. Although, this was only temporary. Eventually, two lots in a tiny house village became available outside Tampa, Florida. There they live side by side, happy to call it home for $475 a month.

Tiny home village
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There is only a ten-second walk between the two houses. they are so close, they say they simply yell out the window to each other. The two sisters are very happy with their living situation, as it keeps them close as they get older. “We’re happy here,” said Alexis.

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