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People Without Pools Are Getting Inflatable Sunbathing Tubs Instead, And It’s Pretty Brilliant

Growing up, were you the lucky kid with the swimming pool? Or, were you the one always wishing you had a swimming pool in your yard? If you were the latter, you know all too well the struggle of being hot and bothered and just wanting to take a dip. As an adult, chances are high you still do not have a swimming pool. Sadly, that means the struggle continues every time summer comes around, no place to swim, nowhere to sunbathe….until now. Introducing Sunbathing Tubs. The economical way to get your tan on, and stay cool this summer!


Sunbathing tubs are the latest craze

So you have once again found yourself in a rather sad and hot situation. It is the middle of summer and temperatures are rising. You are still as pale as the winter snow because you have no beach to go tan on. You are hot and bothered and sweaty and all you want in life is to sip on a refreshing Watermelon Chill Cocktail and chill in the cool waters of a swimming pool. Well, if you have a large backyard, you could build yourself an awesome haybale swimming pool. but, if you are like me, you just do not have space for one of these.

Swimline Inflatable SunTan Tub - Quick to inflate & fill with water for a  mini pool!

Introducing sunbathing tubs. Yes. It is exactly what it looks like. An inflatable pool lounger, sort of the in-between of a baby pool and a pool floater. Except, you can pump this bad boy up with air and pop it down wherever you have space. Fill with water and enjoy!

REY INFLATABLES Adult Tanning Pool - YouTube

These awesome sunbathing tubs are not regular pool floats, they have extra tall perimeter edges, allowing you to fill them up with more water, and allowing you to be comfortable. While you are at it, check out our amazing Sangria Slushie recipe to enjoy while you stay cool!


Where do you get one?

There are plenty available online, one to suit most budgets and most spaces! So, even if all you have is a patio on a high-rise building, you could probably get away with having one of these awesome sunbathing tubs! If you have a higher budget and do not want to skimp on quality, check out the Swimline Suntan Tub. If you do not have that much cash to splurge, this one might do the trick!


So, what are you waiting for? Get those drinks and fill up your sunbathing tub and make sure you stay cool this summer! Looking for more awesome ways to stay cool during the heat? These long Island Iced Tea Pops Are The Booziest Way To Cool Down This Summer. Or, why not make some ‘Giggle Juice‘?

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