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Julie Hambleton
Julie Hambleton
January 1, 2024 ·  4 min read

Mom’s Boyfriend Interrupts Family Photo Shoot To Tell Her Daughter He Adopted Her

A parent, mother or father, isn’t necessarily someone biologically related to you. Rather, they are the person who raised you, supported you through life’s highs and lows, and filled the role of parent. This is what Tim Bobbit has always been to his girlfriend’s daughter, Kylee. Finally, after he and her mom Anne were married, he interrupted a family photoshoot to let Kylee know that he had officially adopted her. The video is absolutely beautiful.

Dad Interrupts Family Photoshoot To Officially Adopt Wife’s Daughter

Tim began dating Anne when Kylee was quite young. They very quickly bonded and became quite close. In the video he shared on YouTube of how he interrupted a family photoshoot to tell her he officially adopted her, he referred to them as “best buds”

He has been her number one fan and supporter since the day they met. They play together, he goes to all of her cheerleading competitions and recitals – he has been the dad that she formerly didn’t have. On the day Tim married her mom, she asked him if he would adopt her and become her official dad.

Tim then began the long process of working through the processes and paperwork to become Kylee’s official adopted father. It took quite a long time, but eventually, he was successful.

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The Family Photoshoot That Changed Kylee’s Life

Tim then planned a “family photoshoot” in order to properly capture the special moment when he told Kylee that he had officially become her father. Kylee, of course, just thought that it was a regular shoot and had no idea what was about to happen.

In the video, you can hear the photographer instructing Kylee how to pose for a photo. In the background, you can hear Tim telling her not to move from that spot. He then approaches his newly official daughter with a folder. He gets down on his knees so he is at her level.

“I’m going to read you a letter, okay?” he tells her.

From there, he begins to read her the letter.

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Tim’s Emotional Letter To His New Daughter

“Kylee, I can remember the moment I met you,” he reads. “I walked into your house and saw you standing there. I didn’t realize how much my life would change after that.”

He then recounts the story of how the three, Tim, Kylee, and Anne, went to Walmart together that first meeting. He remembers he and Kylee goofing around and playing tag in the store. Kylee says that she remembers that, too. After that, he tells her how excited he was to see her again the next time he was to go over to their house. From there, he goes on to talk about all the little things he enjoyed doing with her – sushi dates, dancing around the house, playing video games, and carrying her to bed at nighttime.

“I’ve loved watching you grow into the beautiful young woman you are,” he says. “I love being the person you come to when you are hurt or scared. I love holding your hand when we walk through the store and when you’re scared to ride a roller coaster.”

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Excited To Do All The Things That Dads Do

He goes on to explain that he loves doing all the typical “dad” stuff – like helping her with her homework and embarrassing her when her friends are over. He said that he was genuinely excited to watch her grow, go to all her school dances, and even for the time when she would eventually start dating. He is looking forward to being there for all of her life’s major milestones.

“Most of all I look forward to the day I walk you down the aisle on the day you get married, because that’s what fathers do,” he says to her. “And the reason I can say that is because today, in front of all of our family and friends, is the day I get to adopt you.”

Immediately, Kylee broke down in tears. The pair embraced for a long moment, then Tim gave Kylee a special ring to signify the milestone. After that, he told her to turn around, where a group of their family and friends were waiting to share in the special moment. 

The video then showed photos from the special day, including one with Kylee wearing a baseball-style shirt that says “Team Bobbitt” on it. The video ends with a photo of Kylee and the hashtag #BobbittPartyOfFive, as she also became an official sibling to Tim’s other two children.

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The Internet’s Response

Naturally, the video received an overwhelmingly positive response.

“He’s not called the stepdad, he’s called the dad that stepped up.” commented one person.

Another person quoted Dhar Mann in their comment:

“Being a father doesn’t require blood, it requires love.”

It is certainly a beautiful story and we wish Tim, Kylee, and the entire Bobbitt family all the happiness in the world.

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