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Husband Pretends to Be Infertile for 40 Years So His Wife Won’t Know She Can’t Have Kids – a Short Story

Relationships can be difficult at times, even when there is plenty of love between both people. In fact, acts of love can sometimes be painful to embrace, but that’s the thing about love and marriage. When you love someone truly and deeply, you would do anything for them. In this story, we will take a look at how acts of love can change a relationship in the most beautiful way.

Cody and Mabel Fall in Love

Cody Brighton and Mabel Williams were both in their late 30’s when they met each other. It was about ten years after Cody had been relieved of duty in Vietnam, when he moved back to his hometown of Chicago, Illinois. It was in that city where he stopped in a cafe to grab a warm cup of coffee and met Mabel Williams. She was sitting at the counter reading a mystery novel which happened to be Cody’s favorite book. After chatting for a few hours, the two fell in love and were rarely apart from that day. They continued to have their favorite dates at that cafe where they met.

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Two years later, the couple was married. Cody and Mabel bought a beautiful family home where they hoped to raise a bunch of children. Mabel had always dreamed of a big family, and Cody knew how much it meant to her. The two decided that the big home they purchased would be perfect to raise their ideal family in, and one day even their grandkids could enjoy the place.

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With their new home and their new family plan in place, all that was left to do was to get started on making a family. So, Cody and Mabel tried for quite some time to conceive a child.

Doctor Radcliffe

After a few years of failed attempts to get pregnant, Mabel suggested they see a fertility specialist. So, Cody made an appointment with world-renown Dr. Radcliffe, who specializes in fertility issues in their area. Cody and Mabel went through several months of invasive tests to find out what was going on. Then, one day while Mabel was in the garden tending to her roses, Cody received a phone call from the doctor’s office. On the line was the doctor himself who gave the test results to Cody over the phone.

When he hung up the phone, Cody was beside himself. He wasn’t sure how to handle the news, and couldn’t tell Mabel what he had heard. So, he sat with the information for a couple of hours before approaching his wife. He told her the results were in, and they could go see Dr. Radcliffe in the morning to see what they said.

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The next day, Mabel and Cody arrived at the doctor’s office. Dr. Radcliffe asked them both to sit down before sharing the test results.

Cody, I’m sorry to inform you that you are sterile and that is the reason you and Mabel are not able to have children.”

Mabel was shocked. She had thought it was likely her fault, but now she knew it was because of Cody. However, she didn’t love him any less and was determined to get through this with him.


It was only a short while later when Cody and Mabel applied to adopt two children. Siblings who had been left at an orphanage, Cristal and Christopher were their new children. They loved the kids dearly and treated them as if they were their own. However, it was not the dream that Mabel had envisioned.

While relaxing with her friends, Mabel would always comment on how grateful she was that it wasn’t her infertility that left her without children. She had a bit of disappointment in her heart towards Cody but knew it wasn’t his fault. She still loved him but felt that he had let her down in some way.

Thankfully, when they adopted Cristal and Christopher, they finally had a family of their own. The couple raised the siblings as their own and celebrated every birthday with as much love as they could. Eventually, the kids grew up and left for college. Mabel hoped they would one day gift her the joy of grandchildren but knew that would be some time away.

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Jerry Arrives

Now that the house was empty once again, Mabel started tending to her garden again. She spent most of her days out there, hoping for something to keep her busy until her kids visited for the holidays.

Then, one day while she was in the garden, a man approached the house. He looked to be in his late 50’s and was clearly nervous about something. Cody stood up from his chair and walked towards the strange man. Wearing a smile, as he always did, Cody opened the gate and asked the man if he could help him.

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Hi sir, I am looking for a Cody Brighton. Do you know if he resides here?”

Mabel heard Cody’s name and got up from her rosebed to walk over to the conversation.

Yes, I am Cody Brighton, and who are you?”

Struggling to find the words, the man said “I am Jerry Brighton. I am your son.”

Outraged, Mabel shouted and called him a liar and all sorts of names. She even told the man it was impossible because Cody was sterile and he was the reason they had to adopt children.

Cody turned to Mabel and told her the truth about that day at Dr. Radcliffe’s office.

The Truth and a Genuine Family

It wasn’t me who was sterile, it was you, Mabel. I knew the news would devastate you and it might make you not want to adopt kids. So, I told the doctor to say it was my fault. I’m sorry I’ve kept this from you all these years.”

Mabel, Jerry, and Cody sat and talked about things for quite a while. They found out that Jerry was Cody’s son from a previous relationship while he was stationed in Vietnam. Jerry’s mom was pregnant with him just before Cody was drafted. But, while he was overseas, she met a new man and married him. Cody never knew she was pregnant at that time.

Now that Cody had a son, Mabel was thrilled to finally have the genuine family she always wanted. It turned out that Jerry had 7 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren of his own. Her house was overfilled with family, just like she always wanted.

Sometimes, loving someone means protecting them from pain. In the end, Mabel found out that she always had a family, and Cody found out that his wife loved him no matter what.

This story was inspired by an original piece of fiction. Any similarities between this story and actual people is purely coincidental.

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