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Son Is Ashamed of His Mother, Invites Another Woman to His Graduation – a Short Story

There is always more to a story than we realize. That’s why we should always be kind, because we might not know all the details. Whether you’re a mother, a father, or a son, or a daughter, kindness will always get you further than cruelty. Today’s story was inspired by the creative readers at AmoMama. We’re going to read about one son who treated his mother poorly for years, and when he learned the truth, it was too late. Don’t let his mistake happen to you too. Choose kindness, every time.

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When Adam was a teenager in high school, he had a pretty good life. Although, there was a secret he was always hiding from others. His mother was his biggest secret. So, he never spoke about her. In fact, Adam often pretended that she didn’t exist. When other students asked about her, Adam would come up with a lie that sounded good to him.

Sometimes, Adam would imagine life without his mother. When his high school crush wanted to date him, he explained that she would never meet his mother.

“Sorry babe, you can’t meet my mother. She is really weird about me dating people, so, we’ll just have to pretend she doesn’t exist.

Of course, his friends never thought to question it. They just figured Adam’s mom was a weirdo.

The Mother

Nancy wasn’t a weirdo, however. And she wasn’t against her son dating anyone. The truth is, Nancy had been through a terrible ordeal over a decade earlier. She was left with horrible scars on her face, and she was missing one eye. Adam was disgusted by his mother’s appearance. In fact, he was so ashamed of her that he often denied her existence.

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Adam, I never see you these days…how is school going? You must be getting ready to graduate? Why don’t you come tell me about your day?”

But Adam wanted nothing to do with his mother. He shouted at her to stay away from him, and told her how ugly he thought she was.

“You’re just a freak! Leave me alone!”

Heartbroken, Nancy retreated to her room and did her best to stay out of Adam’s way.

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It was graduation day for Adam, and he was getting dressed with his cap and gown. That’s when Nancy saw him and realized he would be getting his diploma today.

Oh Adam! I’m so proud of you! Let me get dressed and I’ll go with you to see you graduate!”

But, Adam had other plans. He told his mother that she was not invited. In fact, Adam had hired an actress to take her place. He chose a woman he imagined would be perfect as his mother. No scars on her face, and a smile that would melt any heart.

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Nancy was beyond heartbroken. How could her only son treat her so cruel? But Adam didn’t care. he had a show to put on and wouldn’t let anyone find out about his true mother’s identity. He wanted the perfect mom, so, he hired one for the day.

All of Adam’s friends were convinced by the amazing actress. As far as Adam knew, he had everyone fooled. His mother wouldn’t be a problem for him any longer.

College and Mother

Adam left for college shortly after graduation. He and nancy rarely spoke over the next 10 years. Then one day Adam received a phone call.

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It turned out that Nancy had passed away suddenly. Adam was on his way to the lawyer’s office to discuss Nancy’s will when he had a bunch of thoughts racing through his mind. Why did the lawyer need him? Surely his mother didn’t have anything to leave him. She lived a very modest life after all.

As Adam spoke with the lawyer, he realized he didn’t know Nancy at all. His mother had left him her entire estate, which happened to be quite a lot.

“Your mother left you everything, Adam. $700k in cash, and her home which is valued at $1.5 million in today’s market.”

Confused, Adam asked the lawyer why she left everything to him. He explained that he and his mother had not spoken for quite some time and thought maybe it was a mistake.

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“No mistake, Adam. Your mother was an amazing woman! Truly brave and courageous. She loved you more than anyone in the world. In fact, it’s her love for you that changed her life.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, Adam, when you were 3-years-old, you and she were walking in the park when a vicious dog came charging towards you. Your mother chose to protect you with her own life. She was brutally attacked, and the scars left her face and body disfigured for life. But she never regretted what she did that day. She really was remarkable.”

Adam was speechless. He couldn’t believe he had been so mean to his mother all of those years. Especially because it was his fault she looked that way. He couldn’t believe what he had done…


Although Adam had many regrets about his life, he chose to make a difference. He chose to treat people better from that day forward. Of course, he couldn’t undo the pain he caused his mother, but Adam became a better man that day.

Never forget that everyone is going through something you might not know about. Choose kindness.

This story was inspired by an original piece of fiction that first appeared on AmoMama. Any similarities between this story and actual people is purely coincidental.

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