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Julie Hambleton
Julie Hambleton
May 5, 2024 ·  2 min read

Single Mom Discovers Her Foster Baby Is Actually The Biological Sister Of Her Adopted Son

One of the hardest concepts for adoptive children to grasp is not having any connection to or knowledge of their biological family. This is why when this Colorado single mom found out that her two adoptive children had another brother in need of adopting, she knew there was only one thing to do: adopt this child as well.

Single Mom Seeks Unknown Siblings

Single mom Katie Page adopted her son Grayson in 2017. One month later, she received a call from the agency that a little girl named Hannah was in need of a foster home. When she began fostering Hannah, she began to notice some similarities between her two children. They had the same dimpled chin, as well as another mark on their bodies. On a hunch, she began to look inquire at the agency about Hannah’s biological mother and got a DNA test done on both children. (1)

Call it a mother’s intuition, Katie was right. Grayson and Hannah did, in fact, have the same biological mother. After confirming they were siblings, it made the adoption process for Hannah much easier, and she was officially a member of the family in December of 2018. (1)

Another Brother

Two years later, Katie found out about one-year-old Jackson. He was set to go to another foster home when a caseworker decided to intervene. Despite being a single mother, when Katie was contacted, she knew that the only thing to do was to give Jackson the gift of growing up with his biological siblings. (1)

“When Jackson came along I just felt the best I could give him are his family and siblings that he identifies and feels connected to,” Page told Good Morning America. (1)

Jackson was officially adopted on July 25th of this year. More than 30 friends and family tuned in to the virtual adoption ceremony. (1)

A Big Happy Family

Two of the people on the video call were Kaci and Dustin Whitney, the adoptive parents of two little girls who also have the same biological mother as Katie’s three children. The two families, now connected as one by their children, went on a beach trip in Florida last month where all five children got to meet one another. (1)

For Katie, this is all a dream come true. When she first adopted Grayson, she felt terrible that she would not be able to provide him any information on his biological family. Now, he has four siblings he can grow up with who all share that genetic connection. (1)

In a photo of all five siblings posted on her Instagram, Katie captioned the photo “This is us.” (1)

“Three sisters and a brother now sit beside and will grow up with him. He has more love and family members that love him than I ever dreamed possible.” she went on to say. (1)

The Page-Whitney family is a real-life example that the word “family” means so much more than the traditional family we often think of. Where there is love, there is family. (1)

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