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Chantel Brink
Chantel Brink
December 6, 2023 ·  4 min read

Daughter Puts on Wedding Dress to Have Father-Daughter Dance with Dad Who Only Has Months to Live

A loving daughter did something beautiful for her father when a kind stranger reached out their hand after learning he was terminally ill. She now has a memory of her father to treasure for the rest of her life. It was in 2019 that Kiley Gregare learned of her father, Brad Gregare’s illness. A shock to a family that turned their lives upside down.

Brad was sadly diagnosed with cancer, and he was told he only had months to live. This shook the family, and Kiley was devastated. Her father was supposed to walk her down the aisle one day. He was supposed to share her first dance with her as a bride. Her father meant the world to her.

Father-Daughter Dance
Image Credit: Kiley Gregare facebook

A plan for a father-daughter dance

Kiley was only 19 then, and she had to fight back the pain to plan the perfect moment with her father to make her childhood dream come true. Without an engagement under her belt, Kiley had to devise the perfect wedding reception dance with her father.

Father-Daughter Dance
Image Credit: Kiley Gregare | Facebook

Some really kind people stepped in to help

Kiley never for a second imagined that her dreams of the perfect father-daughter dance would actually come to fruition. Thanks to the help of friends, family, and complete strangers, an unforgettable day was made into reality. Local businesses got involved, providing everything the family needed for the special day. This included hair, makeup, and even the venue.

A dress perfect for a father-daughter dance

Tiffani’s Bridal in Appleton brought a massive online following to tears with the most gorgeous dress fit for the perfect wedding day. The owner, Tiffani Ebben provided the perfect dress that fit Kiley like it was made for her. “It was really a short span of time, but we were very lucky. It must have been meant to be because we found a dress that fit like a glove and looked absolutely amazing.” She said.

Tiffani, did such a selfless thing for my daughter and her father. He was terminally ill and diagnosed with melanoma and my daughter wanted to have her Father-daughter wedding dance before he passed. She was not engaged or getting married she was 19 and wanted this moment with her Dad before he gained his wings.”

So a mutual friend got us in touch with Tiffani and this wonderful, beautiful, soul of a woman made my daughter’s wish with her father come true. My daughter and I will NEVER EVER forget the beautiful gesture Tiffani did. THANK YOU FOR YOUR KINDNESS! My daughter along with the rest of us has that day forever with us and it wouldn’t have been possible without you!!” Shared Kiley’s mother.

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An emotional day

Kiley looked absolutely stunning on the day. her father was left overwhelmed with emotion, struggling to hold back his tears. Her guests were just as choked up. Kris Wallace, Kiley’s mom recalled the moment that could only be deemed as unforgettable. “We had him turn around so he couldn’t see her and then [turn] around. He just broke down, and she did.

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Her father, no longer around; Kiley remembers the day they shared

Nearly three years after the memorable day, Kiley shared how much the day genuinely meant to her, adoring the pictures she kept close. She thanked everyone who helped organize the event, sharing their story online, pictures of the father-daughter dance included. She hoped that her story would encourage more people to step forward to help others, just to be kind wherever possible.

Followers were left speechless at the kindness that helped a daughter create the memories she would cherish for a lifetime

I am sobbing! My father died before my wedding, and I never got to have this moment. Thank you for making this happen for this young woman!” Said one follower. Another, “Thank you for making their dreams come true. As every bride knows, the Father-Daughter dance is one that means so much. You provided an opportunity for them to share a beautiful moment and create memories that will last her lifetime.”

“I see these pictures and my heart breaks but I can’t stop looking at them! A daddy’s pride and a baby girl’s insights. These photos capture so much!” Said a third. “This poor little 19-year-old girl was losing her daddy to melanoma. I can’t imagine losing the most important man in your life at age 19! It was hard enough for me at age 52. Thank God for caring people!” commented a fourth.

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