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Leah Berenson
Leah Berenson
May 27, 2024 ·  3 min read

86-Year-Old Grandma Becomes ‘Fairy’ Flower Girl at Granddaughter’s Wedding

As we all learn to navigate life, some have chosen to follow social norms. Others have chosen to write their own rules, including Keely Crimando. Typically, a flower girl is young and, in some cases, even a toddler. However, Keely decided that the wedding of her dreams would defy social norms. She felt such a strong bond with her grandmother that Keely wanted her to be the flower girl at her wedding.

A Flower Girl to Remember

Keely married her husband Mike in Rochester, Michigan. Her wedding party consisted of 5 flower girls, a trio of little girls, and 2 very special guest appearances. One appearance was made by her aunt, and the second appearance was her 87-year-old grandmother, Dorothy Czartorski. Not only was it so sweet and precious to include her grandmother in this way, but Dorothy was seen with wings and a wand. The 86-year-old flower girl was meant to be a “fairy flower girl.” Fairy Dorothy is in a wheelchair and was pushed down the aisle by Keely’s aunt, the other adult in the flower girl entourage.

Image Credit: Lara Rose Photography

The Bride Shares a Heartwarming Tale

Keely told People in an interview regarding the special day, “It was the best. Having them in the wedding is what made it a fairytale dream come true.” She exclaimed it was the best day of her life. She explains how she came up with the idea of making her “bestie” a flower girl. “I saw a story about someone having their grandma as their bridesmaid and I thought it would be cool to have gram as a flower girl!

She further tells People about the fond memories she has of Dorothy during her childhood. She and her family would visit Dorothy in Pennsylvania, where she would be fed “tons of Italian food.” Keely was so thrilled and touched by this special moment that she didn’t even mind sharing the spotlight. “It made me so happy to include her in our special day. I can’t have imagined it any other way. She was so happy and was the star of the show!” Keely also said that her grandmother took time to find the perfect dress and even went as far as getting her hair and nails done for the special occasion.

Image Credit: Lara Rose Photography

Living it Up as a Flower Girl

In case you were wondering, the 86-year-old was the life of the party. Her age didn’t slow her down at all and she took every opportunity to enjoy this special day. Keely said of the night, “Later on in the evening, grandma even managed to make it onto the dance floor! It was such a great night.” Shortly after the story went viral it was shared on Facebook over 500 times, Keely said she called her grandmother to tell her the news explaining, “I’m so excited for my grandma. I called her last night and read the comments to her. She’s so happy. We’re all so happy and touched.” Despite this wedding occurring a few years ago, it leaves behind a heartwarming and timeless sentiment. When it comes to parent or grandparent relationships, there is no expiration date.

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