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She Was Criticized For Wearing Transparent Wedding Dress, But Fires Back at Critics

The wedding dress, traditionally a centerpiece of the ceremony, commands significant attention and meticulous care from both the bride and her designer. Weddings hold a profound significance, uniting different families into one harmonious union.

In influential spheres, weddings occasionally culminate in alliances between kingdoms or corporations, thus, the wedding dress takes on added importance. Symbolizing the status and demeanor of those entering this union.

Deep in history, the wedding dress symbolizes a marital union in many cultures

For many years, wedding dresses predominantly featured long, white gowns with voluminous sleeves and cathedral-length veils, a trend popularized by Queen Victoria in 1840. However, in recent times, brides have been redefining the conventional design and color to mirror their personal preferences.

Today, wedding gowns need not adhere to the long, somewhat mundane archetype. They can be short or mid-length, adopting various styles such as straight, mermaid, sheath, or fit and flare, among others. Some brides even embrace non-white colors, a deviation from the traditional white, which was once deemed improper.

What happens when someone’s choice becomes more offensive than inspirational?

Ellie is an influential brand all in herself in Australia
Image Credit: ellie_gonsalves Instagram

Nevertheless, these modifications to the conventional norms have sparked a debate about the ethical boundaries of wedding attire. This debate was exemplified by the choice of one bride, Ellie Gonsalves, a model and influencer who donned three distinctive dresses and shared them on social media during her wedding.

Yet, Ellie’s choice didn’t go unnoticed, and it sparked controversy, with some social media critics deeming her attire indecent. This, in turn, led to Ellie’s unapologetic responses to her detractors. To discover how she confronted her critics, read on.

It was one dress in particular that sparked attention – a transparent wedding dress

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Gonsalves catapulted to online fame with her opulent wedding photos. Particularly, one dress choice stirred controversy among certain segments of social media users. While this might have marked the first introduction of her name to many, Gonsalves had been a prominent figure on the internet for quite some time.

Born on February 5, 1990, in Brisbane, Australia, Gonsalves embarked on her modeling journey during her teenage years after being discovered by a talent scout. Her early exposure to the world of modeling instilled a passion that she continued to pursue as a career after completing her education.

Subsequently, Gonsalves ventured into social media, where she expanded her influence and recognition. Her star rose even higher when she participated in the Australian version of the reality TV show “Big Brother” in 2021. Known for sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses of the fashion and entertainment industries, Gonsalves also graced the cover of MAXIM Australia magazine three times.

In an in-depth profile featured in Gritty Pretty, Gonsalves is described as a “philanthropist, model, actor, hair care ambassador, entrepreneur, and a symbol of bold hair transformations.” She also disclosed to the outlet the Hollywood star who had the most significant influence on her journey.

“I pulled a lot of inspiration from many people growing up, but I think I really admired Angelina Jolie. I feel like she represents a strong woman and, to me, she seems very honest about a lot of things people generally weren’t honest about. Such as her sexuality – which I was massively struggling with as a young kid,” Gonsalves said.

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As an ambassador for L’Oreal, Gonsalves has quite a following

Ellie Gonsalves in her transparent wedding dress
Image Credit: ellie_gonsalves Instagram

As a L’Oréal Professionnel ambassador, Gonsalves spoke about the invaluable support she received from her inner circle. Particularly her fiancé Ross Scutts, who always embraced her for who she truly is. It was this support that empowered her to publicly acknowledge her bisexuality.

Her journey also encompassed significant career milestones, beginning with her appearance in a Yellow Tail Super Bowl commercial in 2017. Subsequently, Gonsalves made her cinematic debut in the 2019 film “Fighting with My Family,” directed by Stephen Merchant, featuring Hollywood luminaries such as Dwayne Johnson, Vince Vaughn, and Florence Pugh. In the same year, she graced the Spring campaign for Good American, Khloe Kardashian’s denim fashion label.

Beyond her flourishing career, Gonsalves actively engages in philanthropic endeavors

She is a global ambassador for the Steve Irwin Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors charity. Her involvement with the organization was inspired by a visit to the zoo’s Wildlife Hospital, a deeply moving experience that fueled her desire to make a meaningful difference.

Gonsalves has also emerged as an advocate for self-acceptance, using her influence in the industry to promote positive beauty standards. She sees herself as a voice within the fashion and beauty world. Striving to encourage and shape these standards in a constructive way. Her partnership with L’Oréal has further amplified her ability to convey this empowering message.

“I love that such a huge international brand like L’Oréal Professionnel has gotten behind every daring transformation I’ve decided to make with my hair. But the pixie transformation has by far been the most impactful. Following the change, there were so many women all over the world empowering themselves by making their own hair transformations and a lot of women who were also going through chemotherapy were embracing the pixie because they saw more representation.” She continued.

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Driven to inspire, Ellie pushes boundaries and stirs thought

Ellie is well known for her ability to push boundaries
Image Credit: ellie_gonsalves Instagram

Gonsalves emphasized that her endeavors have been centered on challenging societal norms and empowering women. Who often face immense pressure to conform to stereotypes and expectations. She encourages women to pursue their dreams fearlessly, without being constrained by the opinions of others.

Gonsalves has undeniably left her mark on the world of social media. Boasting an impressive following of over 11,000 subscribers on YouTube, 144,400 Twitter followers, 1.2 million Instagram followers, and three million Facebook followers. Given her substantial online presence, it’s no surprise that her wedding to her partner of 14 years, Scutts, garnered significant attention in her native Australia. Vogue’s Australian edition covered the wedding preparations and featured stunning photographs from their momentous day.

Reflecting on their wedding plans, Gonsalves revealed that she and Scutts initially contemplated eloping abroad but had a change of heart upon discovering a captivating venue on the Gold Coast’s main strip called La Luna, a floating beach club with a Mediterranean-inspired ambiance and breathtaking marina views. Their vision for the ceremony was one of intimacy. Especially considering the emotional significance of the day, as both had lost their fathers.

The happy couple tied the knot at their dream location
Image Credit: Ellie Gonsalves YouTube

In a private ceremony attended by only a select few of their closest friends and family, Gonsalves and Scutts exchanged vows. Their cherished dog, Daisy, played the role of the ringbearer, adding a special and heartwarming touch to their wedding day. “I felt like I was walking on water. … We got married the way we started, just him and me. Celebrating our love in the most special way we could think of,” Gonsalves said.

Looking beautiful in her lace dress while tying the knot, she later traded it for her transparent wedding dress

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The wedding photos captured the joyful exchange of vows between the couple in a breathtaking beachfront setting bathed in the soft, fading sunlight. Gonsalves appeared absolutely stunning in an illusion long-sleeved gown adorned with intricate lace appliques.

Gonsalves collaborated with designer Sam Oglialoro and stylist Paul Versace to create three distinct dresses for the reception and after-party. Unaware that her choice would thrust her into the spotlight. It was the third dress she wore that triggered the controversy. Drawing criticism from many who deemed a transparent wedding dress inappropriate for a wedding.

This third dress, donned by Gonsalves, was a daring choice. A sheer garment featuring a plunging neckline and a high slit. Consequently, a wave of disapproval swept over social media after she shared a video from her wedding on April 11, 2023.

Comments around the transparent wedding dress were heated

Comments poured in, with one person stating, “What you’re sharing with everyone is supposed to be only for your husband.” Another commenter remarked, “When the attention from your husband isn’t enough🥴.” A third individual expressed their perspective, saying, “Absolutely terrible display of a wife. Have to look into the deeper meaning. This female wants to be viewed sexually instead of pure.”

I just think that showing this much is not right for such an occasion. She is undoubtedly beautiful, but I would not be so happy if I was her husband-to-be as something this personal should be between the 2 of them only! Just a man’s perspective!” another user stated.

The model didn’t hold back in response to the critics who lambasted her choice. Engaging with them in the comments section of her post. When one critic suggested that he would have walked away if he were her husband, Gonsalves retorted. “Mate, I can’t with these dummy comments. They loved it, he loved it. We had the best time at our wedding. Don’t be jealous.”

She didn’t spare another troll either who took a hit at her choice to wear a transparent wedding dress. Firing back with, “When commenting rubbish on people’s pages makes u feel better about ur boring life.” Additionally, on May 31, 2023, she shared a video of herself dancing to Katy Perry’s “Firework” with a caption that read, “my response to people getting mad all over the world about my ‘naked wedding dress’ 😂 I’m a firework, darl. Get over it.”

Gonsalves hit back in the most appropriate way possible

After the controversy, Gonsalves penned an editorial for 9Honey, addressing the negativity and criticism around her transparent wedding dress. In her candid piece, she staunchly defended her choice and declared that she was “not ashamed” of her decision.

She began by highlighting the recent uproar surrounding her wedding dress. Framing it within the context of societal expectations placed on women. Gonsalves lamented the barrage of hateful and derogatory comments she received. Particularly regarding her perceived audacity in wearing the “daring” dress.

The newlywed delved further into the “broader issue of women’s autonomy.” Emphasizing the need to challenge the constricting narratives that often surround women’s choices. Her editorial shed light on the importance of empowering women to make choices that align with their values and desires. Unburdened by societal judgments.

The derogatory comments I received highlight a fundamental misunderstanding of women’s agency over their bodies,” she wrote. Adding that “Society often expects women to conform to predetermined standards. Limiting their freedom to make choices that reflect their own desires.” She said.

Gonsalves made a resolute assertion that every individual, irrespective of their gender, should possess the fundamental autonomy to determine their attire, self-presentation, and the extent to which they share themselves with the world. She emphasized that denying women this autonomy perpetuates a harmful culture of control that encroaches upon their basic rights.

She argued that people should be free to make their own decisions

In her editorial, she argued that when women are allowed the freedom to make choices that shape their lives and bodies without judgment or interference, they experience greater fulfillment and self-determination. She contended that such empowerment would contribute to dismantling harmful gender stereotypes and foster a culture that values individual choices and celebrates diversity.

Gonsalves remained steadfast in her rejection of critics and stressed the liberation she feels in wearing what she desires—expressing herself freely and rejecting the notion that her body is meant to be controlled or owned by anyone but herself. She firmly stated that her worth is not defined by others’ opinions or expectations, but rather by her ability to honor her own truth and live in alignment with her values.

The model astutely acknowledged that everyone’s life experiences shape their sense of normality. Recognizing the importance of embracing diverse perspectives and respecting individual choices. “It’s important to acknowledge that this differs greatly from the life of someone like ‘Susan,’ who grew up in a Christian community in Midwest, America. However, it’s crucial to understand that these differences are perfectly acceptable and should be embraced as well,” she explained.

In her call for a more inclusive and supportive society, Gonsalves urged the public to unite in inspiring and motivating efforts to challenge negative stereotypes. She emphasized the importance of providing women with the necessary support and resources to nurture their individual personalities.

She asserted that it was high time to confront and challenge the restrictive narratives surrounding women’s choices and celebrate the power of individual decisions that empower women.

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Gonsalves received an outpouring of support from her fans, who rallied to her side:

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“People are actually mad over it? 😂 What a life to live where someone gets mad over what a stranger chooses to wear on their own wedding day 😂 You looked amazing girl. Keep slaying 🔥” one comment read, while another user remarked, “Icon, your wedding, your day, your choice. People are just jealous that they can’t wear something different than the norm and that they have to conform to what their idea of a wedding dress should be! 💖”

A third user eloquently stated, “What anyone wears on their wedding day is (or should be) THEIR OWN choice. If you feel fabulous in it, that is all that matters.” The comments reflect a strong and positive wave of support for Gonsalves and her message of empowerment and self-expression.

It’s not the first time a transparent wedding dress has sparked debate

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