Pink Wedding Dress
Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
July 4, 2024 ·  4 min read

Woman Criticized For Going Against Tradition By Donning Pink Dress For Her Wedding

One needs to remember this- wedding days and wedding dresses are all about the bride and no one else. In fact, even when it comes to bridal dresses and uniforms, it is expected that only the bride will be wearing a white dress, and no one else should opt for a dress that looks like hers. But what if a bride breaks tradition herself and goes for a far more colorful bridal dress than the traditional white one?

Although it may seem unconventional to many, we must remember that it is the bride’s day, and she can choose whatever she wants to wear on her special occasion. But people like to comment, and, unfortunately, that is what exactly happened. One bride, for instance, decided to go for a dress that was pink in color for her wedding. And as it turns out, she received many mean comments on the internet- but she didn’t let them ruin her moment. 

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In November 2022, Camille Lescai went on TikTok, sharing a video of her doing a “wedding dress reveal” that she had been keeping a secret from her friends and relatives until the wedding day. When the women in her life saw the dress, their jaws fell open. And fortunately, they seemed to be quite excited for her and the dress she had chosen for herself. Lescai later mentioned that she had chosen such a color because she identified with this color and considered it a part of her personality. When she found this pink dress on Instagram, she immediately fell in love with it. An Australian designer had made it. Hence, she purchased a version customized to her wishes for a whopping $4,400. 

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Woman Wears Pink Wedding Dress Which Results in A Lot Of Attention

The bride stood out quite a lot on her wedding day, as all the bridesmaids wore white dresses, while the gentlemen wore black suits. Lescai commented, “The whole wedding wore white! I didn’t tell anyone why, they figured it out when I appeared at the top of the aisle.” In an interview with Insider, Lescai mentioned, “I’m not a particularly traditional person, so while I understand why people want to go for a more traditional wedding look, I don’t think I would have felt like myself wearing anything else. I subverted the norm by asking the rest of the bridal party and my guests to wear white and my wedding day was phenomenal- I had the best day and loved my dress.

Image Credit: Camille Lescai

A lot of people praised Camille online for her bold wedding dress decision. A lot of women also came to her defense against all the trolls. One person commented, “Don’t listen to these haters. They just can’t stand the uniqueness. You looked absolutely amazing.” Another individual commented, “The negative comments are sending me… you look stunning. Everyone has their own vision for their own wedding.” Lescai later admitted that she did feel a little bothered knowing that there were possibilities of negative comments, which could create an atmosphere of hate for other women who wanted to get a unique wedding dress like hers in the future. 

@camillelescai Replying to @Sandra Scott hello everyone who called my wedding dress a toilet roll/hideous/ugly. I’ve decided to show off my amazing bridesmaids dresses 🙂 @Liv 🙂 @Annie @pruelescai wearing @forloveandlemons and @elliatt_collective #weddingtiktok #weddingtok #response #responsevideo #pinkweddingdress #pinkweddinggown #bridesmaiddresses #bridesmaids #bridalreveal #bridaldresses #bridalinspiration #firstlookwedding ♬ original sound – Camille Lescai

Camille Asked People To Not Care About Trolls and Do What Their Hearts Wanted!

Camille said, “It’s not just attacking me, but all the people who are watching from the sidelines. A lot of young women who commented on my video told me that when they get married they want a dress like mine, and I couldn’t help but think of what reading the comments would make them feel.” When she started receiving more hate comments, she made another video where she addressed them, stating, “Being anonymous makes people think they can skulk in the shadows, write nasty things to tear people down, and then just disappear, but sunlight can be the best disinfectant.

One person also commented, “Love the fact that you were bold enough to be different! The world needs more of you.” Camille then put out a hilarious response regarding her wedding dress, by mentioning, “Takes a bold type to go their wedding dresses as pepto bismal dry rub.” 

She then went on to give advice to anyone who was experiencing online hate, where she mentioned that it would be better for them to not take things to heart. “My advice to anyone experiencing online hate is to try not to take it to heart, and to know that the people who are in your life will love you no matter what is said online, and those are the opinions that matter.

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