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Julie Hambleton
Julie Hambleton
May 15, 2024 ·  4 min read

Dad without Arms and Legs Raises 2 Daughters after Their Mom Abandoned Them as Babies

This man was born with a rare condition that meant his limbs didn’t grow properly. With no arms or legs, his life has certainly been anything but conventional. Still, that hasn’t stopped him from being a loving and effective father to his two daughters. Abandoned by their mother, this family has proven that love knows no disabilities.

Abandoned By Their Mother, This Dad With No Limbs Raises Two Incredible Daughters

Being a single parent is tough. Being a single parent with a major disability? Even more difficult. Pablo Acuña of Paraguay, however, proves that it is not impossible. Born with a condition that meant his arms and legs never developed, Acuña has relied on his family to take care of him his whole life. He fathered two daughters, however, their mother left them early on, leaving Acuña and Acuña’s mother to raise the girls alone. (1)

Despite the challenges, he and his mother managed to raise two wonderful girls. Those girls are now both in their twenties. They speak lovingly about their father and how his disability didn’t stop him from being a great dad.

Pablo Acuña with daughter

The Family That Takes Care of Each Other, Stays Together

Acuña’s mother has been taking special care of him since he was a child. Once his daughters arrived on the scene, she helped him with all the tasks of child-rearing that he was unable to do without arms and legs. When his daughters were older, they moved away to take advantage of opportunities and education elsewhere. 

Of course, as the girls grew older, so did their grandmother. Now in her 90s, the older woman was becoming less and less capable of taking care of her son. The younger daughter, Elida, decided to move back home to help take care of her dad.

“My dad is my world. He is my friend… he is the best dad in the world. That’s why I left my life in Argentina and came to stay. To be able to take care of him because, my grandmother can no longer do it because she is already old.” she explained.

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Never Without A Smile

Acuña has been dealt a difficult hand in life. He is unable to physically take care of himself and also was unable to do so for his daughters. Not able to attend school, it was a challenge to provide the life he wanted for his girls. On top of that, the woman who birthed the girls left them all behind and never looked back. 

Despite all of this, you will rarely see Acuña without a smile on his face. He is impossibly positive and loving when he could have turned cold and jaded toward the world. What he couldn’t give his daughters in physical care he more than made up for in emotional and mental love and support. He along with their grandmother taught them the true meaning of family and the true meaning of love.

“I have never seen my father sad,” Elida said. “He is always happy, gives me wise advice, despite never having gone to school. He is very smart, and I admire him very much.” 

Pablo Acuña

A Place To Call Home

Naturally, the family struggled to make ends meet. One dream that Acuña always had for his family was to provide for them a proper home. He inspired people for years with his story. Elida hopes that as his story becomes more widely known around the world, perhaps people will be able to help them realize that dream.

“We live in a rental home, and the owner of that home wants to sell it. The price is 95 million guaranies (about $13,850 US). We are short eight million guaranies ($1166 US) to make our dream of owning our home come true,” explained Elida. “It doesn’t seem like much, put it is a lot when you don’t have it. Now I can no longer work, and my dad receives a salary every two months but it is enough only to eat.” 

Clearly, this family has a lot of love in it. Hopefully, as their story becomes more widely known around the world, people will be able to help them achieve their goal of owning their home and having more security.

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