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Leah Berenson
Leah Berenson
November 15, 2022 ·  3 min read

 A 6-Year-Old Boy Helps His Dad Self-Regulate in the Most Heartwarming Video

We all know that being a parent is one of the toughest jobs out there. Moms get a lot of recognition for their efforts, meanwhile, dads’ efforts are a little less under the radar. Nonetheless, being a dad is tough too, and they do it without the same kind of compassion that society gives to moms. However, in a viral and heartwarming video, this little 6-year-old dude is helping dad feel better in a moment of emotional turmoil.

Gentle Parenting

There are so many methods of parenting but everyone has the same goal, to be the best parents they can be. Most parents these days are trying a method called gentle parenting. The baseline for this method is simply to treat your children with respect and empathize with their emotions. However, we are all human and most of us can only take so much intensity before we ourselves begin to unravel.

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Daniel’s Helping Dad

This TikTok video shows the compassion that’s been instilled into 6-year-old Daniel, and how that compassion boomeranged back to helping his dad feel better in a moment of hopeless frustration. In this case, Daniel’s 3-year-old sister had been throwing a 2.5-hour tantrum and the whole house was feeling pretty overwhelmed. The video shows Daniel sitting at the dining room table alone, taking some deep breaths.

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Meanwhile, in the background, the sounds of screams and cries are unrelenting. Dad comes over to check in and asks Daniel, “Are you doing ok, buddy?” sitting down at the table across from him. Daniel replies with a simple “Yes”. His dad, clearly not doing ok, drops his head into his hands and says, “Oh my God.”

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Benefits of Helping Dad

This is the moment Daniel is seen helping dad start to feel better. Daniel tells his dad, “I think we should take some deep breaths together.” While it’s easy to feel so frustrated that you may disregard this suggestion, his dad chooses to partake in the exercise. After a few breaths, Daniel’s dad tells him, “Thank you Daniel, you’re right.” He follows that up with an apology to Daniel, “I’m sorry, buddy, [for] losing my cool. Mommy and I keep trying to do better, set a better example, it’s just, this stuff gets frustrating.”

boy helping his dad self regulate in heart warming tik tok video
Image Credit: mollymikos | TikTok

As if that weren’t sweet enough, Daniel proceeds in further helping dad. He exclaims, “Hey, Dad, it’s okay!” and gets up from the table to give his dad a hug. His dad melts, like all of our hearts, into his son’s embrace. Subsequently, feeling some relief his dad tells him, “You are the best little guy in the world. Do you know how much I love you?”. This is how the video ends, leaving millions in tears as we all just can’t get over how precious this moment was.

Important Lesson for All

The viral TikTok video shows a little boy helping his dad to feel better in a moment of intense frustration. It reveals to viewers two lessons. Firstly, it shows how great of a job these parents are doing. Their 6-year-old has an emotional maturity level that exceeds most adults’. Secondly, it shows people everywhere that a simple breathing exercise can help us all. By taking a moment to breathe, we can feel grounded and more refreshed to handle everyday struggles or moments of intensity.

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