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Julie Hambleton
Julie Hambleton
January 12, 2024 ·  3 min read

Couple wears their original wedding attire for an adorable 60th anniversary photoshoot

Love is precious and finding a love that stands the test of time is incredible. That’s what makes this 60th anniversary photoshoot as inspiring as it is heart-warming. Check out the incredible photos this couple took in their original wedding day outfits.

A Special 60th Anniversary Photoshoot

Married in a little church in Nebraska in 1960, Marvin and Lucille Stone have been married for 60 years. At ages 88 and 81, the pair have lived quite a life. They have three children, six grandchildren, and now four great-grandchildren. To celebrate their lasting love, they hired family friend and photographer Katie Autry to do a 60th-anniversary photoshoot.

Source: Katie Autry Photography

Both Marvin and Lucille still had their suit and dress from their wedding all those years ago, and Lucille decided that it would be a fun idea for them to wear them for the photos. Though weddings aren’t a big part of Katie’s business, she knew it would be easy to recreate a wedding-style photoshoot, down to flower bouquets and all.

The Attire

Katie met the couple at their home for a sunset 60th-anniversary photoshoot. Marvin’s tux still fit perfectly, and Lucille just had to make a few minor alterations to the dress that she had hand-sewn 60 years prior. (1)

“I had to alter a little bit in the back for the waistline after three babies,” she told Insider. “I put a little inset with some white satin that matched.” (1)

This was easy for Lucille, who has been sewing since she was a little girl. She continued to sew throughout college after which she became a home economics teacher. It is at that school where she and Marvin met and were married a year later. (1)

Lucille said that it was “thrilling” seeing her husband in his wedding suit again. (1)

The 60th Anniversary Shoot

Their special 60th-anniversary shoot took place outside at sunset, where Katie directed Marvin and Lucille on how to pose to get the right shots. She instructed them on where and how to stand, to turn their heads this way and that, all to get the most interesting and beautiful photos possible. (1)

For Katie, capturing the love they share wasn’t hard at all. (1)

“You could just see their connection, and it was just so evident watching the two of them how much they care about each other. “They just were just so sweet, and you just don’t see that very often,” Katie explained. “They were such a breath of fresh air.” (1)

Source: Katie Autry Photography

The Love

Marvin and Lucille are still very much in love, just as they were 60 years ago when they said: “I do”.  (1)

“I still feel about him the same way as when we stood in front of the altar,” Lucille said. (1)

She made it clear, however, that their marriage wasn’t all love all the time. Like any couple, they had their difficult times. She says that when they ran into “snags”, they opted to work on them and fix them together as a couple, rather than walk away. (1)

The couple feels incredibly blessed to have shared their love for so long. In terms of relationship advice, Lucille says her and Martin’s motto is this:

“Do your best and keep on keeping on. Forgive what you are offended by and encourage each other.” (1)

The pair both went into their marriage with the idea that it was ‘till death do them part, and they have maintained that for the last six decades. (1)

Source: Katie Autry Photography

Perhaps all of us can take a little lesson from Marvin and Lucille’s love story. They are a true testament that love really can last forever. This was a 60th-anniversary photoshoot to remember – here’s to many more.

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