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Sarah Biren
February 29, 2024 ·  4 min read

Woman shows how to change duvet cover in 90 seconds

You may be able to fold a fitted sheet or peel an onion without crying, but can you change a duvet cover? Even if you could, could you change it without wanting to scream in frustration? Duvet blankets themselves are cozy and luxurious. But changing their covers is the complete opposite. In fact, many people would consider it one of their least favorite chores, next to cleaning toilets and scrubbing floors. Fortunately, influencers are sharing a method of changing a duvet cover that takes only a minute or two. But you may need to watch these videos more than once to understand the trick; it looks like witchcraft at first glance. 

How to Put on a Duvet Cover With the “Roll-On” Method

Image Credit: anvihan | Youtube

Anna Vihareva shares household hacks and tricks on TikTok and YouTube. These range from topics like parenting to health to makeup to clothes. She also has a running series called “Things I learned on the Internet”. Many lifestyle hacks circulate on social media, but many of them don’t work or are downright ridiculous. So, Vihareva finds the most useful ones to share with her followers. And one of these includes the easiest way to put on a duvet cover.

In the clip, Vihareva turns the duvet cover inside out and spreads it across the bed. Then she places the duvet on top, taking care to line up the corners. Then she rolls up the cover and duvet like a jelly roll, keeping the ends together until she reaches the edge where the duvet cover opens up. Next, she turns out the edges of the duvet into the corner of the cover and unrolls the blanket across the mattress. Like magic, the duvet is covered, and the bed is perfectly made. [1]

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But although many of her followers lauded the new technique, some were still confused on how it works. Fortunately, Vihareva isn’t the only one demonstrating this hack. Another household lifestyle influencer made her own version of this method. Sophie Liard, known as The Folding Lady on TikTok, shows off this technique while comfortably sitting in bed. Although she has mastered it, she’s still as befuddled by it as her followers, since her caption reads: “I don’t know how this works but it does.”

Replying to the video, one commenter wrote: “I don’t get what you’re [sic] doing, are you just laying the cover on top of the quilt then doing the rolling?” To which Liard replied, “Duvet cover is inside out on the bottom, duvet on the top and roll.”

Many others adopted the method and were excited at how well it worked. Meanwhile, others said they had always covered duvets like this. But some people were wary. “I feel like this looks too complicated. Imma stick to standing on the bed and shaking it for the time being.” Another wrote, “I just wash the duvet with the cover still on it and then hang it on the line in the summer or over my airer in the winter. Dries in a day.” Liard replied, saying, “My duvet would never fit in my washing machine but if it did I would absolutely do that.”

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Folding can be a “life-changing way of thinking”

Liard had started posting TikTok videos in 2020 as a way to pass the time during lockdown. She had worked in retail for 15 years, which involved folding clothes in a department store. Different brands required different folding techniques, and she also had to learn to merchandise and keep the store looking neat and luxurious. So she began sharing her expertise, posting videos about ways to fold towels, blankets, jeans, sweaters, and more.

After two years of online success, she published a book where she shared her tips and her philosophy when it comes to organizing and folding, The Folding Lady: Tools & tricks to make the most of your space & find after value in your home. “Part one is about how we feel about our homes and how to organize with meaning. Part 2 is a folding guide with step-by-step illustrations for each fold,” she said in an interview with The Washington Post. [2]

Like Marie Kondo, Liard uses folding as a way to bring peace and joy. “For me, it’s been a great way to take some control back in my life. There can be a real mindfulness side to folding clothes.” Liard adds that it can be a “life-changing way of thinking.” [3]

She even has a video explaining how to fold fitted sheets, the bane of all tidy linen closets. “Fitted sheets are my most requested fold, but they are actually very easy to fold,” she said. Here’s how.

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