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Why People Aren’t Using Top Sheets On Beds Anymore

There is something causing people to pick sides in the bedroom, and it might not be what you’d expect. The battle is about the dreaded top sheet. Do you use one? Are you for or against the use of a top sheet? Let’s see what all the fuss is about!

Why use a top sheet?

In America, most people have a fitted sheet, a top sheet, and a comforter. This makes sense because a lot of comforters can have an itchy underside, so having a soft barrier between your skin and the itchy fabric is basically a must-have. However, what ends up happening, for most of us, is frustrating and annoying. Typically, the top sheet will end up in a sweaty, balled-up mess at the end of the bed, and the entire sleeping process is interrupted. This makes for a very grumpy morning. All because of a top sheet? Perhaps.

In other countries across the world, this controversy doesn’t seem to be happening. Why is that? Well, they have this incredible invention called a duvet cover. A duvet (pronounced doo-vay) is essentially a fiber-filled cotton comforter. And a duvet cover is a washable, changeable cover that zips or buttons over the duvet itself. This means you no longer need a sheet over you if you don’t want one! The duvet cover acts as a barrier between you and the duvet, it is made of a soft material, and won’t interrupt your sleep or your skin.

Bedding company Casper conducted a small survey of 1,000 Americans and determined the majority refuse to sleep without a top sheet. Over 58% of those surveyed believe a top sheet to be essential, but that’s not the only interesting statistic. When comparing age groups, the study found that those over the age of 50 preferred to use one, while those who were 18 – 24 insisted on not. Old habits are hard to break, after all.

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Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

What side are you on?

Looking at the science behind why we started using top sheets in the past, it makes sense. Comforters were bulky, and made of cheaper materials, which retained heat well but were extremely uncomfortable against the skin. So, the top sheet because a typical American household item. If you use a comforter, it’s a good idea to use a top sheet for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, bed sheets are the perfect breeding ground for icky bacterias. In fact, 47 species of fungi have been found on used bedsheets. Gross! But it gets a bit grosser. The average person sweats up to 26 gallons a year, and that all soaks into your sheets, your comforter, and your mattress. Of course, you can wash some of these items in hot water and it will kill most of the harmful bacteria. If you have a dryer, using dryer sheets can refresh your comforter as well.

However, you can’t wash a heavy comforter with ease. This is where the duvet saves the day.

Using a duvet will remove the need to wash both a top sheet and a heavy comforter. Just wash the duvet, and you’re done!