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Leah Berenson
April 1, 2024 ·  4 min read

Man Hit Back at People Who Mocked Him for Being with 252lb Woman

People love fat shaming, food shaming, and just about any other method of shaming that can be used to point out another person’s flaws. However, more and more women are feeling empowered and compelled to embrace themselves, their curves, and all. One example is a couple, Brittany Jacques and Matt Montgomery, who met online in 2020.

Fat-Shaming Results in Self-Hatred

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Brittany Jacques had been dumped by multiple fat-shaming boyfriends when she was ready to give up on love. The young caregiver struggled with self-confidence and was even open to losing weight. However, she soon came to life-changing revelation. “I realized that if I did that, I wouldn’t love myself anymore. I would be changing myself for someone else’s perception of beauty.” Brittany explained.

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Loving Oneself to Find Love

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Not only is her revelation inspiring to people everywhere, but it also drastically changed her life for the better. Loving herself is what, ultimately, made Matt fall in love. “When I met Britt, she was so confident in her own body, I loved that about her. She doesn’t want to change anything, and I would never ask her to.” he lovingly disclosed. The pair met on Facebook in 2020, and after an incredibly successful first date, they fell madly in love. Despite what the fat shaming internet trolls had to say, they eventually got married and have been living in wedded bliss ever since. “I wasn’t sure if I was ever going to find someone who really loved me for who I am but after meeting Matt I couldn’t be happier.” she added.

Hurtful Judgements from Others

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Interestingly, Montgomery, who is a fitness instructor, explained, “I love food as well so that’s a plus I’m not worried about tracking her calories or dieting, I just want her to eat what she wants and be happy.” Sharing some hurtful comments from the general public, he also stated, “People comment on Instagram and suggest that I’m not big enough or man enough for her.” Their love proves to have overcome, even in the face of criticism and judgement. “I do notice people staring when we walk down the street but most of the comments we have had, have been online.” Their love continues to prevail over fat shaming onlookers, including welcoming a baby boy into their growing family. There’s nothing more empowering for oneself then to let go. Let go of the need to be accepted by others and learn to embrace every curve, flaw, scar, or blemish. So, whether intentional or not, this couple truly has achieved the ultimate revenge on fat shaming haters.

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Negative Effects of Fat Shaming

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As we’ve learned more about the importance of good mental health, we’ve also become more aware of certain life-threatening conditions. In many cases, these conditions can come from being a victim of fat shaming and other bullying methods. Unsurprisingly, victims often become depressed or, in extreme cases, suicidal. They can become anti-social, fearing being judged in public or “having nothing to wear.” In some cases, fat shaming can also lead to eating disorders that negatively impact physical health and well-being.

A Global Concern

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CNN published an article regarding a study done on fat shaming that found it to be a global concern. The study looked at overweight adults in several countries, such as the US, Canada, France, and Germany. Alarmingly high results showed that more than half of the participants had been victims of fat shaming. Furthermore, most admitted that they’d been bullied by people they knew well, like classmates, family, and even friends. Fortunately, with knowledge of the importance of loving oneself becoming more widespread, resources are also becoming more widespread. One example is the Fat Acceptance Movement, so impactful that it has begun addressing these issues in work and healthcare settings. This movement, and all others, have one simple message at their foundation: love, acceptance, and equality. They advocate for people to be treated fairly and kindly, able to live their lives in a happy, safe, and fulfilling manner.

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