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Chantel Brink
March 28, 2024 ·  4 min read

Happily Married Couple Shared Their Anniversary Photo Online Only to Be Flooded With Worried Messages from Friends – a Short Story

When Liam and Candice decided to celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary by sharing a photo on social media, they had no inkling of the darkness it would unleash upon their tranquil existence. Liam carefully positioned the camera, setting the timer before joining Candice by the crackling fireplace. “Ten years,” he murmured, his voice tinged with nostalgia.

Ten years of us,” Candice echoed, her eyes sparkling with affection as they posed for the picture

Amidst the warmth of the moment, a faint rustle in the hallway stirred Candice’s senses, but she brushed it off, focusing on capturing the perfect anniversary snapshot. Their home, adorned with memories of their journey together, served as the backdrop for their celebration.

As the morning sun filtered through the curtains, Candice’s excitement was dampened by a flood of social media notifications. With a furrowed brow, she discovered a disturbing trend—comments flooding in about an eerie presence in their anniversary photo. Initially dismissing it as a prank, Liam urged her not to give it a second thought.

Yet, as Candice delved deeper into the comments and scrutinized the photo, her unease grew

Woman looking at polaroids
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The ghostly figure, barely discernible yet undeniably chilling, seemed to linger in the background of every frame. Despite Liam’s attempts to reassure her, Candice couldn’t shake the feeling of dread that gnawed at her insides.

Desperate for answers, she embarked on a quest for truth, scouring through their photo gallery in search of clues. But her investigation was cut short by a sudden grip on her shoulders, sending shivers down her spine.

Relief washed over her as she turned to find Liam, his presence grounding her amidst the rising tide of fear. As they prepared to leave for a celebratory lunch, a fleeting glimpse of the haunting face in the window reignited Candice’s terror, casting a shadow over their anniversary festivities.

A frail, almost lifeless figure

That night, their slumber interrupted by mournful cries and phantom footsteps echoing through the halls, Candice and Liam found themselves confronting a chilling reality—a malnourished boy, the same haunting figure from their photo, huddled in the shadows of their home.

In the eerie glow of moonlight, they stood frozen, their hearts pounding in their chests as they grappled with the horrifying truth lurking within their own walls. With resolve hardening in their hearts, they vowed to unearth the mysteries shrouding their home and protect themselves from the darkness threatening to consume them.

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Confrontation which leads to discovery

“Freeze!” Liam’s command echoed through the room, but the boy, Denis, only sobbed and shook his head. Liam’s tense stance softened as he realized the child posed no threat. “Hey there, it’s okay. We won’t hurt you.”

“Help?” Denis’s voice trembled with hope. Candice’s heart swelled with sympathy at the sight of the frightened boy. “You’re hungry, aren’t you?” she asked gently, offering a reassuring smile. “Hungry, yes,” Denis nodded, his eyes pleading.

What’s your name?” Candice inquired, her tone soothing. “Denis.” The pale figure announced. As Candice rustled up a sandwich for Denis, she and Liam pieced together that the boy hadn’t intended to break in; he was simply in desperate need of assistance. “Where did you come from?” she probed gently.

Denis remained silent for a moment before revealing that he had fled from a “bad place.

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Where’s your mother now?” Candice pressed further. The mention of his mother seemed to momentarily comfort Denis. “You will help Mama?” he sniffled. Candice’s heart ached at his words. “Of course we will, sweetheart. Just tell us how we can find her.”

I see bear on wall and flowers in garden… flowers like sky. Then I run to wire wall, but big dog is there,” Denis explained, tears streaming down his cheeks. “I bad son. I run, and now Mama alone.”

A knock at the door interrupted their conversation, signaling the arrival of the police in response to Liam’s earlier call. Panicked, Denis attempted to flee through the window, despite Candice’s reassurances that the authorities were there to help.

But Denis vanished into the night, evading both Candice and the police. Determined not to give up on the frightened boy, Candice and Liam took it upon themselves to search for Denis, enlisting the help of their neighbors.

A neighbor stepped in, adamant to help find the small figure

Nancy, a curious neighbor, recognized the eerie figure from their anniversary photo and joined the search efforts. Together, they combed the neighborhood, distributing Denis’s photo and gathering a group of concerned citizens.

Their search led them to a rundown Victorian house, where Candice heard the faint sound of barking from behind a metal fence—echoes of Denis’s description. Investigating further, she stumbled upon a boarded window and a woman’s desperate cries for help.

A mother and son, once again reunited

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With quick thinking, Candice dialed the police while Liam rushed to her side. Together, they alerted the authorities and aided in the rescue of Denis’s mother, Ania, who tearfully recounted her harrowing ordeal. As Denis and Ania were reunited, the authorities assured Candice and Liam that they would ensure their safety and well-being. Grateful for Candice’s swift action, a police officer commended her role in the rescue.

With Denis and Ania safely in the care of a social worker, Liam and Candice returned home, reflecting on the unexpected turn of events. Liam’s gesture of framing their infamous anniversary photo brought a bittersweet smile to Candice’s lips, reminding them of the extraordinary journey sparked by a single snapshot.

This fictional story was inspired by stories from around the web. Any similarities between this story and actual people are purely coincidental.

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