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Jade Small
February 22, 2024 ·  7 min read

30 Unlucky Souls Having a Worse Work Day Than You

Life’s journey is a rollercoaster, and just when you thought you were having a rough day at work, there are those whose unfortunate tales would make even the most chaotic of workdays seem like a breeze. In a world where the universe seems to have a twisted sense of humor, we’ve compiled a collection of thirty people that give a new meaning to the phrase, “It could always be worse.” From spilled coffee on your white blouse to a cracked laptop screen. Just know there is someone out there who can make your bad day seem much better.

1. When Your Dog Really Did Eat Your Homework

Dog with torn papers
Image credit: paulathekoala95

This could be one of the oldest tricks in the book of excuses. However, it’s never as hilarious when it actually happens in real life! How does one convince their teacher it actually happened?

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2. Oh No…

Left: Completed sculpture. Right: ruined sculpture
Image credit: nocktte

After you fight off the urge to laugh at the squished face on the right, look at the completed work on the left. Imagine how long it took them to complete this magnificent sculpture.

3. Go Commando, or No Commander?

Man with split pants
Image credit: Spodiz

This man must have got the fright of his life when he looked down and realized his pants were split. He must’ve regretted wearing his bright blue undies that day.

4. Obstruction Ahead

Broken Road with river running through it
Image credit: BoneReject

This person heard the warnings of a seriously bad storm coming. So, they stayed at work. But, when the storm passed, they realized the road to their home was damaged beyond measure.

5. A Prank Gone Wrong!

Over heated monitor
Image credit: daroon

Sometimes your co-workers have your best interest a heart… Most times, they don’t. This was a prank that went south very fast. They tried wrapping his office in foil but accidentally switched the 30-inch monitor on in the process. Needless to say, it overheated.

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6. Danger Is Looming!

Man with lions in the background
Image credit: Bosobogolo

“Go camping,” they said. “It’ll be fun,” they said… This person had no idea there was a pack of lionesses watching them from the safety of the shadows. They only saw them when the flash went off. This is a great time to remind you that female lions are the ones who do the hunting!

7. How On Earth?

broken car door
Image credit: Mrencinas

This person is an artist! Either that, or they spilled the world’s stickiest drink on the roof of their car! Looking at this, one wonders why people aren’t making superglue out of sugary drinks.

8. Now This Is Triggering…

Man reading elevator sign
Image credit:ahepperla

Looking at this image, it makes our hearts sore. This is more like the day they need to hire a new campaign manager. This poor soul must feel so triggered.

9. Wasn’t Me!

Pile of broken olive oil bottles
Image credit: AndySlot

Imagine the gut-wrenching feeling this person must’ve had when they realized they took the wrong bottle. It caused the whole pile to topple over. That’s one expensive mistake.

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10. Getting Fired For Having Safety Concerns

Blocked fire escape
Image credit: Sudden_Chard8860

Sometimes a boss just can’t handle when their employee is more logical than them. This person was fired for pointing out that a fire escape should never be blocked.

11. Snow Days Are Not Always Fun!

Doorway snowed in
Image credit: Xingua92

Everyone wishes it would snow so they could skip school or bunk work. It’s all fun and games until you literally get trapped in your house by a huge snowfall. You better hope they stocked up on groceries for a while!

12. When You Realize Your Allergic To The World

allergy test
Image credit: lofty_ginger

This girl decided it was time to see where her allergies lie. Turns out it might be everything? Yikes.

13. Throw Some Water On Her!

Woman blowing out candles and hair catching alight.
Image credit: Thisguysays

This is exactly why most women have a hair tie on their wrists. There is always a need for one. This woman will surely never forget her hair ties in the future.

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14. The Universe Has Spoken

broke lid over pot of spaghetti
Image credit: imgur.com

Picture this: you have been dreaming of a steaming bowl of spaghetti the whole day but, the universe had other plans. Guess they’re ordering takeout again tonight!

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15. When Customers Just Take Advantage

Messy table
Image credit: dillonconnerty

People love going to a restaurant because they get to sit back and enjoy themselves while being served. This image displays another breed of human. They took complete advantage of the waiter by leaving such a mess.

16. Not a Morning Person

Wearing the wrong shoe
Image credit: SirSpankalott

This makes those who wear odd socks seem a little more level-headed. When this person woke up in the morning, they clearly had to get to work in a rush. They didn’t notice they put on the wrong shoe!

17. Oh Diego…

Messenger chat
Image credit: TheDiegoFranco

People are usually so stressed out during their exam time they triple-check that their schedule is correct multiple times every day. Diego, on the other hand, wrote the date wrong. He missed the most important exam of the year.

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18. Wow

box of personal belongings on desk
Image credit: Shrek1onDVD

The audacity of some people! It’s one thing to get laid off from work without any notice. But, it’s another when they pack your stuff up before you even arrive on the day. They could’ve at least packed it neatly…

19. Well, Sh*t!

Man with nail through his hand
Image credit: mrmyaguy

This is just painful to look at, and it sends realistic feelings of pain through your imagination. This man must seriously regret not paying attention.

20. Exhaustion is An Understatement

Tired Dominoes workers

These Domino’s Pizza workers put the “T” in tired. Their toppings were all sold out in four hours. Their body language just explains the sheer exhaustion perfectly.

21. Too Late!

Giff of Car Wash
Image credit: BoredPanda

This car wash went south very quickly. The man noticed his windscreen wipers were about to play victim to the car wash. Instead, his entire car door was ripped off.

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22. Someone Call the Fire Department! Oh Wait…

Fire truck on fire
Image credit: notanon

When an emergency strikes these guys, who are you gonna call? Well, in this case, it’s certainly not the fire department. They have their own problems to deal with.

23. Package Delivery Gone Wrong

Package delivered
Image credit: SJCooke94

Some UPS delivery workers have a knack for finding ways to deliver the parcel you’ve been waiting for without it getting stolen. This idea started out great but ended in the toilet.

24. Sir, You Can’t Park There

Car crashed into a wall
Image credit: Phoenix86

When the GPS told you to take a right, you did, but it was the worst mistake of your life. This is a bad day of note!

25. Think First Then Delete

Twitter post
Image credit: itkeekz

Anger can really make a person regret their actions. When an employee quit their job for reasons unexplained, their boss angrily deleted their email account. Their actions were sorely regretted when they realized that email had access to all their future jobs.

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26. Sorry, Boss, I Can’t Come In To Work Today

Car covered in a swarm of bees
Image credit: reddit.com

In such moments, one should just call in an emergency off day at work. Additionally, we thank modern technology for cameras built into our phones because no one would’ve believed this in the good old days.

27. This Spider Has Revenge on Its Mind

Spider on a bug spray
Image credit: Lugozi

When people see a spider, they either run for the hills or they reach for their doom spray. This Spider was one step ahead of the latter. Now What?

28. The Frustration!

missing puzzle piece
Image credit: Captainj321

Imagine having worked on that 5000-piece puzzle and finding out there is a missing piece at the end. This is certainly one of the fastest ways to ruin someone’s day.

29. Well, Now What Are You Going To Do?

broken scissors
Image credit: stabbyclaus

No wonder they ordered the new scissors… but now, the old scissors have finally bit the dust, and the new ones are trapped in their packaging.

30. There Is Such a Thing As Being Too Hygienic!

Dry cracked hands
Image credit: reddit.com

This person has to wash their hands just one too many times each day for work. They might rethink wearing gloves. Occupational hazards at its finest!

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