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Chantel Brink
January 16, 2024 ·  4 min read

20 Children With Cheap Parents Tell The Most Ridiculous Stories

Have you grown up with cheap parents? When it comes to finances, individuals harbor varying perspectives. Some embrace a lifestyle of indulgence, spending freely on luxuries and enjoying life as if each day were their last. Conversely, others adopt a frugal mindset, prioritizing savings for unforeseen circumstances. While cautious spending is commendable, an excessive inclination towards frugality can diminish one’s quality of life, affecting the individual and their family.

Those with a penchant for extreme thriftiness derive satisfaction from obtaining items for free, regardless of their perceived insignificance. For those fortunate enough to have avoided cohabitating with an excessively frugal individual, the following anecdotes shared by Reddit users offer a glimpse into the eccentric experiences of living with such individuals.

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1. Quality vs Quantity

Quality vs Quantity
Image Credit: myrightboobisbigger

Cheap parents are masters of budgeting, always finding creative ways to stretch their dollars and make the most of their resources.

2. Giving their age away

Giving their age away
Image Credit: Moorycc

The grocery shopping skills of frugal parents are unparalleled; they know the art of meal planning, bulk buying, and making the most of discounts and coupons.

3. Canned tomatoes

Canned tomatoes
Image Credit: lyrajayviolet

Hand-me-downs are a common sight in frugal households. Clothes, toys, and even furniture often find a second life within the family, saving money and reducing waste.

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4. Recycling gifts

Recycling gifts
Image Credit: hhudsontaylor

Cheap parents are experts at DIY projects. From home repairs to crafting homemade gifts, they understand the value of doing things themselves to save on costs.

5. Sears and their ‘lifetime guarantee’

Sears and their 'lifetime guarantee'
Image Credit: stone_opera

Family outings for frugal parents often involve free or low-cost activities like nature walks, picnics in the park, or exploring local museums during discounted hours.

6. A pigeon to feed a family

A pigeon to feed a family
Image Credit: avlas

They teach their children the importance of financial responsibility from a young age, instilling values of saving and smart spending.

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7. Not cheap, just frugal

Not cheap, just frugal
Image Credit: IMakeItSeemWeird

Frugal parents are savvy shoppers, always on the lookout for sales and clearance items, whether it’s for clothing, household items, or electronics.

8. Borderline child abuse

Borderline child abuse
Image Credit: criket13

Saving for the future is a priority for frugal parents, whether it’s for their children’s education, a family vacation, or retirement.

9. Outdated braces – the sign of a cheap parent for sure

Outdated braces - the sign of a cheap parent for sure
Image Credit: la-noche-viene

They are skilled at repurposing items. An old bookshelf might become a DIY project for a child’s play kitchen, showcasing their ability to see potential in the discarded.

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10. A black belt changed their minds

A black belt changed their minds
Image Credit: heptyne

Frugal parents prioritize experiences over material possessions, understanding that memories last longer than the latest gadgets.

11. Slow wins the race. Or does it?

Slow wins the race. Or does it?
Image Credit: rightinthedome

Meal prepping is a common practice in frugal households, helping them save both time and money while ensuring nutritious and home-cooked meals.

12. Budget wrapping paper

Budget wrapping paper
Image Credit: Jade_GL

They are resourceful when it comes to finding second-hand items, often exploring thrift stores, garage sales, and online marketplaces for great deals.

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13. Taking cheap parents to the max

Taking cheap parents to the max
Image Credit: cats_and_hot_men

Frugal parents are environmentally conscious, opting for reusable items over disposables and teaching their children the importance of reducing waste.

14. This seems more like a life lesson

This seems more like a life lesson
Image Credit: thecarguru

The concept of delayed gratification is rooted in frugal parenting. They teach their children to save up for what they want rather than succumbing to impulsive purchases.

15. Chipped Playstations and pirated games

Chipped Playstations and pirated games
Image Credit: Flater420

Frugal parents often choose practical and versatile items over trendy and expensive ones, ensuring that everything they own serves a purpose.

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16. Free cosmetic surgery

Free cosmetic surgery
Image Credit: Uh_I_Say

They embrace the power of the library, using it as a free resource for books, movies, and educational materials, fostering a love for learning in their children.

17. Zero aircon for 12 hours in a car, in the peak of summer

Zero aircon for 12 hours in a car, in the peak of summer
Image Credit: bootaykicker

Frugal parents excel at planning ahead, whether it’s for vacations, holidays, or major purchases, allowing them to take advantage of the best deals.

18. Are paper towels more valuable than gold?

Paper towels being more valuable than gold?
Image Credit: TheCommonStew

Investing in quality items that stand the test of time is a common practice among frugal parents, recognizing the long-term savings in durability.

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19. Heating in winter? Heck no.

Heating in winter? Heck no.
Image Credit: Sw6roj

They prioritize health and wellness through cost-effective means, such as home workouts, healthy home-cooked meals, and preventive healthcare practices.

20. A cheap parent who actually just tried her best

A cheap parent who actually just tried her best
Image Credit: NewbName

Frugal parents lead by example, demonstrating that financial responsibility and mindful spending contribute to a secure and fulfilling family life.

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