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Jade Small
Jade Small
July 18, 2024 ·  3 min read

‘I make toilet paper out of old clothing for our family-of-five’

Making toilet paper out of old clothing? Hear us out!

We’ve all been there. Sitting on the toilet and when done doing our business, we notice the toilet paper roll is empty. The horror! The worst part is if nobody is at home to call out to grab another roll from the toiletry closet. Or, we’ve just forgotten to buy any on our last trip to the grocery store; it ends up being a bit of a predicament! Remember when the pandemic started and all the doomsday preppers and Karen’s ran off to buy ALL the toilet paper? Yeah – that was fun. But, instead of worrying about where your next roll of toilet paper would come from, have you ever considered making your own toilet paper out of old clothing?

Well, this mom has been making toilet paper out of old clothing

Francesca Jones is from Cheshire in England. She’s also a mom to four kids and, she says that she’s been making toilet paper out of old clothing for her family for four years now!

She recalls to The Sun how she and her family had a good giggle when everyone was fretting during the toilet paper shortage last year. And that’s all thanks to the 40-year-old’s innovative way of making home-made toilet paper![1]

I was really struck by how unnecessary loo roll (toilet paper) was in 2017 when, while doing a family supermarket shop, I actually realized how expensive it was, working out I spent about £300 (USD 412) a year on it. ‘What am I doing?’ I wondered. ‘I am flushing money down the loo.’ So, there and then, I vowed to change, save cash and spend the money on making memories such as family days out. I realized a cloth dosed in water was just as effective.”

Francesca Jones

Francesca says her kids don’t mind using the homemade toilet paper out of old clothing.

My kids were a bit nonplussed at first, but now it is just the norm for them, and I am glad they are growing up to be so environmentally-conscientious.”

Francesca Jones

All but one, that is! Rawdon, who is one of Francesca’s sons, says it’s gross

Despite her family not really minding using the toilet paper out of old clothing, other people criticized her method of cleaning after using the toilet.

“It raised some eyebrows among friends when I told them I was no longer using toilet paper for wees or poos. A number of people said it was gross, but I think they’re wrong – I believe I’m actually cleaner now and would never revert back to using traditional loo roll.”

Francesca Jones

Francesca believes that the world is brainwashed into thinking they need to waste money on toilet paper.

Believe it or not but, Francesca saves her family of 5 around $700 a year! All because of her innovative way of creating toilet paper out of old clothing.[2]

I’m in a lot of groups on social media where people do the same, and many others soak the rags in essential oils such as tea tree and lavender to give them a nice scent. I don’t bother with that – it’s basics all the way for me, nothing fancy at all. I just douse them in water before giving myself a wipe.

People are brainwashed into thinking they have to use loo roll and follow the norm, but that’s nonsense. People didn’t use loo roll for years and years; it’s a pretty new invention.”

Francesca Jones

Not everyone who visits the Jones household has to use the DIY loo rolls.

Of course, we do have a small supply of loo roll in the house in case guests really don’t want to use the rags – although they are welcome to,” she said.

But, in total, I think over the past six months, as a family-of-five, we’ve used just six rolls.”

Francesca Jones

Looking to make your own reusable toilet paper? Check this video out!

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