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Leah Berenson
Leah Berenson
May 31, 2024 ·  5 min read

11 Women Who Never Want To Get Married Say Why

Many young girls dream of their fairytale wedding to their dream partner. Furthermore, in many cases, women receive numerous messages from society, informing them that life without a partner isn’t satisfying or fulfilling. Alternatively, here are 11 women who’ve never married and are still incredibly happy.

1. 28-year-old Elisa Never Married

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Although she almost got married, Elisa shares that “the idea of being tied down” was a difficult concept for her to accept. “The idea of staying with one person forever, even through those situations, doesn’t make sense to me.” She explained. “However, I fully respect the idea of marriage for people who choose to honor it, but it just seems like a title and joke to me personally.”

Moreover, Elise shares another reason for choosing this way of life. She explains that the cost of a wedding “seems so frivolous”.

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2. Beth Margaret Also Never Married

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Beth explains that “marriage is just a facade“, adding “It’s all about keeping up appearances, with no true substance to the relationship.” She notes that relationship expectations often reflect that “the romantic relationship you have is more important than any other, and that without it, you’re incomplete.

3. 59-year-old Kelly Loves Independence

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“For the last nine years, I’ve been traveling full-time. I housesit (and even wrote a book about it!), where I live at no cost in someone’s home and care for their pets while they vacation. I’ve housesat in London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Gibraltar, throughout Africa, Hanoi, Osaka, Kuala Lumpur.” She shares. “It’s a great lifestyle… and one that would be really difficult if I were married. I’ve never been married, and have no plans to change my single, globe-trotting ways now!”

4. Hazel is Committed to Her Girlfriend

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Even though my girlfriend and I can (finally!) get married, we don’t want to. We both believe that as long as we’re committed to each other, we don’t need a piece of paper to tell us that, too.” Hazel shares. “Plus, we’d rather do something else with the money we would have spent on a reception!”

5. Finances Matter to Christine

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“If I got married, I’d have to take on my partner’s debt. No thanks. I’d rather our finances be completely separate.”

6. Happiness is an Illusion

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“I don’t want to get married because married people seem miserable. Some hide it better than others, but almost every married couple I’ve ever known seems unhappy.” Explains mattcleary85.

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7. No Contracts

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“I don’t want to get married because none of the most important relationships in my life involve a contract or any form of certification to ensure that they continue, or qualify to the other person how I feel and that I’ll be there for them whenever — these are things that are just understood.” Shares Welsh_Milly.

8. Lonlieness is Still Possible

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Many people report feeling their relationship isn’t an environment in which they feel comfortable expressing their concerns, needs, or boundaries. As a result, many feel lonely or unheard. Subsequently, struggling with depression can make those feelings more difficult to navigate. “I’ve been suffering from depression and anxiety for many years now, and the last thing I want for myself is to be with someone just to feel less lonely or somehow worthy, even if I don’t have deep feelings for that person. I’d rather be alone than marry someone just to feel less lonely.” Says Celeste Monet Dubois.

9. Nina Has Never Married

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Nina explains that she is “of Nigerian descent and a Christian“, both deeply patriarchal. As a result, she watched many of her female role models “forfeit their dreams” among other freedoms, adding: “This is to the point of overshadowing whatever other amazing feats she may have achieved beforehand or even go on to do afterwards.”

So, to quote Jessica Knoll (bestselling author of The Luckiest Girl Alive), ‘Ever since I was a little girl, my fairy tale ending involved a pantsuit, not a wedding dress. Success meant doing something well enough to secure independence and, ultimately, my freedom.” She concludes.

10. Angela Has Never Married Either

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“I don’t want to get married. I grew up as an only child, and have never really felt the need (or desire) for a partner.” Angela says. “I have had relationships that rival your fave romance novel, and tragedies that Adele couldn’t fathom singing about, but at the end of the day, I’m always the most satisfied when I’m single. I’m also a digital nomad, and while I know plenty of nomad couples, I honestly think having another person in my life would simply get in the way.”

11. Avoiding Heartbreak

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Sadly, many marriages end in divorce, causing heartbreak and disappointment. As such evie! explains: “I don’t want to get married because when I was a child, I saw marriages that I thought would last forever break and ruin — I don’t want to go through that or put anyone else through it.”

Happily Never Married

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While society has often sent a message that women should strive to be loving and supportive spouses, have children, and be subservient, working double time to please those around them, there are some common reasons that women have never married. The most common include wasting money, enjoying independence, and unconventional lifestyle preferences like polyamory. In contrast, Psychology Today notes that while more people are choosing not to get married, that doesn’t mean they’re alone. Instead, “cohabitation has become a popular alternative.” Therefore, it’s unsurprising that as of 2017 nearly half of American adults, 42%, admitted to not living with a partner or spouse, an increase of 3% since 2007, and the trend seems to be growing.

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