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Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
June 11, 2024 ·  3 min read

6 of The Worst Pizza Chains in America

The average American consumes around 180 slices of pizza annually. However, not all of those slices are created equal, and some are bound to be disappointing. To help you avoid a culinary catastrophe at your next gathering or movie night, here’s a rundown of six American pizza chains that often fall short of expectations.

Little Caesars

Little Caesar's Pizza
Image Credits: Nicole M. | Yelp

Little Caesars sets itself apart by being honest about its product. The chain’s “Hot-N-Ready” pizzas are a quick and inexpensive option, priced at just $6. While this affordability is a selling point, the pizza itself is often greasy and lacking in flavor. Little Caesars doesn’t pretend to be gourmet; it simply offers a budget-friendly solution that sacrifices taste for cost. While your wallet might appreciate it, your taste buds and stomach might not.

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Chuck E. Cheese

Chuck E. Cheese Pizza
Image Credits: Mel E. | Yelp

Chuck E. Cheese’s pizza is an experience best associated with childhood memories of animatronic shows and arcade games. However, the pizza itself is less memorable. During the pandemic, the chain tried rebranding its pizza as “Pasqually’s” on delivery apps, hoping to attract customers without the allure of in-house entertainment. The ploy underscored the reality: without the chaotic charm of the restaurant’s atmosphere, the pizza alone fails to entice.


A bad slice of Sbarro's pizza
Image Credits: Wing C. | Yelp

You’ve likely encountered Sbarro in the mall food court or at an airport, standing as a lone beacon of pizza in the late hours. Unfortunately, this chain rarely impresses. The pizzas are often left out on the counter, leaving customers to wonder how long they’ve been sitting there. The heat lamps do little to keep the crust from drying out or becoming overly chewy. If you find yourself tempted by the sight of a Sbarro, it’s probably best to keep walking to the next available food option for an American pizza.

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Cicis Pizza

Cici's Pizzeria
Image Credits: Denisse E. | Yelp

Cicis is known for its all-you-can-eat pizza buffet, which can be enticing in theory but often falls flat in practice. While the concept appeals to teenage athletes looking to fill up, the quality of the pizza leaves much to be desired. Pizzas sitting on the buffet line for over 20 minutes become unappetizing, and the low-cost hints at subpar ingredients. The cheap prices may attract crowds, but the taste doesn’t encourage repeat visits.

Papa Johns

Unappetizing Papa John's
Image Credits: Krizia M. | Yelp

Papa Johns’s might still be around, but it’s not because of its pizza. The chain’s garlic sauce and pepperoncini peppers are arguably more popular than the pizza itself. Without these extras, Papa Johns’ offerings might not be as palatable. Additionally, the brand has faced significant controversy, with the departure of its namesake, John, tarnishing its reputation. The pizza remains largely forgettable, failing to stand out in a crowded market.

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut Pizza
Image Credits: James S. | Yelp

Once a beloved destination for family dinners and birthday parties, Pizza Hut’s quality has significantly declined over the years. The chain that once boasted a popular pizza buffet now offers pies that are often greasy and underwhelming. Nostalgia may draw some back to Pizza Hut, but the reality is far from the fond memories of yesteryear. Today, it’s more likely to be a last resort at an airport than a sought-after meal.

Avoiding these American pizza chains can save you from a disappointing meal and ensure your pizza night is a hit. From soggy crusts to lackluster toppings, these establishments have consistently underperformed, making them less-than-ideal choices for pizza lovers.

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