Sarah Biren
Sarah Biren
May 11, 2024 ·  2 min read

Real Estate Agent Shares Some Of The Worst Home Designs She’s Ever Seen

Real estate agents get to see everything- even the things they would rather not see…ever again. Like the worst home designs. They get to see houses of all shapes and sizes, from demure to drastically elaborate, along with some…uh “interesting” architectural choices. It’s almost like fashion, except the only people who really have to see your mess are the ones you invite inside your home- or the agents who have to try and sell whatever disaster has been created.

Agent Venessa Van Winkle wanted to share just how weird and random the interior of some houses are, so she called on her fellow home sellers to share photos with her of the bad, the ugly, and the bizarre. Scroll down below to look inside these unbelievable homes and don’t forget to let us know which ones are your favourite “wtf” designs.

The worst home designs

The four-post bathtub, with shower, and…carpet.

That is going to get moldy so fast. Would you use a shower curtain or a duvet cover? I’m so confused.

“I want everything carpeted in floral.”

“Okay even the bathroo-“


This bathroom is a cat’s dream come true. Did you notice the toilet paper?

A toilet for ants.

How is this functional? Maybe they wanted extreme privacy while using the loo- even privacy from oxygen.

Staircase bathtub

Just head up the stairs- don’t mind grandma.” I have so many questions right now.

Who’s ready for their dinner bath during dinner?

I mean, the sink is really tiny, maybe it’s for the dishes?

The image of water will replace the need for actual water.

No taps? No problem! Just make your countertops look like the ocean, and add a wave. Boom, instant “almost” water.

We were tired of our curtains making sense.

Sure, the curtain rods would have fit perfectly if they were straightened out, but who wants to have things fit? In fact, angle them and add a third, small and unnecessary pole just for fun.

I’d like a corner mirror, please. Sure, no problem.

Wait…did you want it to match sizes and actually fit too? My bad.

I really wish we could be together all the time.” Say no more.

There’s really nothing to add here, it’s two toilets, placed at the worst angle ever, in a close proximity. Just…wow.

All in one place.

Know what would look great next to that fireplace mantle- the one without the fireplace? A dining room table.

“OH! And a toilet with a sink too!” Perfect.