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Sean Cate
April 1, 2024 ·  3 min read

Woman Visits Subway Station Everyday for Two Decades to Hear Late Husband’s Voice

Love is often described as an unbreakable bond, transcending even the boundaries of life and death. Dr. Margaret McCollum’s remarkable story is a testament to love’s enduring power. For 20 years, she has visited a London underground train station daily, longing to hear the voice of her late husband, Oswald Laurence.

The Love Story That Echoed Through Time

Dr. Margaret McCollum’s extraordinary journey began with a love story that spanned continents. In 1992, she crossed paths with Oswald Laurence, a theatre actor, during a tour to Morocco. Oswald, a RADA graduate, had left acting and worked for a tour and cruise company. Their love story unfolded against the backdrop of travels and adventures.

The couple settled in north London, sharing a deep and abiding love for each other. Oswald’s zest for life was infectious, and their time together was filled with joy and companionship.

Margaret sitting and listening to her late husband’s voice while at Embankment station.
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The Voice that Bridged the Gap

Oswald Laurence’s legacy goes beyond the world of theater. In 1969, he lent his voice to London’s underground transportation system, recording the iconic “Mind the Gap” message. This crucial announcement warns passengers to be aware of the gap between trains and platforms, emphasizing safety in the bustling underground network.

The enchanting resonance of Oswald’s voice echoed through the underground tunnels, providing reassurance and caution to countless commuters over the years. However, little did anyone know that this voice would one day hold an even more profound significance.

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Defying Time

Tragedy struck when Oswald Laurence passed away in 2007, leaving Dr. McCollum devastated by the loss of her beloved husband. Despite his physical absence, Oswald’s voice continued to be a source of comfort and solace for Margaret.

Every day, Dr. McCollum would visit Embankment station, where Oswald’s voice still graced the platform with its timeless message. She would patiently wait for the next train, to hear her husband’s voice, allowing it to transport her back to the cherished moments they had shared.

However, in November 2007, Margaret’s world crumbled as she discovered that Oswald’s voice had been replaced by an electronic announcement. Introducing a new digital system meant that his iconic message was no longer part of the station’s ambiance.

A Heartfelt Plea and a Touching Response

Determined to preserve the memory of her husband, Margaret McCollum reached out to Transport for London (TfL) and shared her poignant story. She requested a cassette tape of Oswald’s voice, longing to hear it within the comfort of her home.

Moved by Margaret’s love and the deep connection she had with Oswald’s voice, TfL embarked on a heartwarming mission to reunite the couple. They managed to locate the original recording in their archives and decided to restore Oswald Laurence’s voiceover warning at the Embankment station.

Love Echoing Through the Underground

In a touching gesture, Transport for London decided to bring back Oswald’s voice to the platform where Margaret had found solace for so many years. They chose Embankment station due to its proximity to Margaret’s home, ensuring that she could continue to hear her husband’s voice.

The announcement not only brought joy to Margaret but also serves as a reminder to all passengers that love, like the echoes of Oswald’s voice, can endure through time and adversity. Dr. McCollum’s unwavering dedication to preserving her husband’s memory is a testament to the enduring power of love.

The heartwarming story of Margaret McCollum’s daily visits to the train station for 20 years to hear her deceased husband’s voice reminds us that love knows no bounds. Even after Oswald Laurence’s passing, his voice continued to bridge the gap between them, providing solace and comfort to his beloved wife. Transport for London’s decision to restore his voice is a touching tribute to their enduring love story and a reminder that love, like Oswald’s voice, can echo through time and space.

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