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Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
October 12, 2023 ·  2 min read

Woman Urges Shoppers To Wash New Clothes After Making Terrifying Discovery

A woman who was perusing the clothing rack at a shop realized that it would be safe for everyone if people washed their clothes after buying them from a shop. The first reason is quite commonplace- too many people have touched the clothes before they reached us, so it isn’t assured how many germs are there. Also, most of them must have tried it as well- so that increases the germs manifold. However, this woman found something excessively creepy when she was simply going through the clothing racks- something that might not be for those who are faint of heart. 

Understandably, Ellen Danz, the TikToker, screamed out when she found the clothes filled with cobwebs. Initially, her scream was one of disgust, as she couldn’t understand how shops would allow cobwebs to grow in their clothes. But soon, it turned into one of fear. Not only were their cobwebs all along the clothes, but the clothes were also riddled with spider eggs- and when she went all the way to the end of the line, she found a huge spider simply biding away its time. No one can blame her for screaming- for most of us won’t really expect to see a spider if we are going through underwear. 

TikToker Warns People To Wash New Clothes After Finding Spider In Clothes Rack

The video was shocking for everyone involved, as Ellen Danz reinforced the idea that one needs to wash new clothes. One TikTok user went on to state that her heart literally stopped, while another joked, “I’d sue for emotional distress.” A third user posted, “This is why you should clean your clothes after buying.” Some people were also horrified that Ellen was touching the clothes with her bare hands. One user exclaimed, “Why are you touching the spiderwebs?” Another individual commented, “I’m actually screaming THE EGGS.” While yet another user posted, “You’re brave for touching that OMG.

In another video, the TikToker who talked about washing new clothes assured her followers that there was no possibility of any other individual coming across that as the branch had shut down after Ellen made the discovery. She wrote, “Don’t worry about shopping at this location, it shut down a week later.” This led to viewers debating what they would have done if they came across this creepy crawly discovery. Some took it really seriously and kept wondering why no one called for pest control, for an infestation of spiders amidst clothes was never a good thing. 


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One TikTok user also commented that it baffled them as to why no one had done anything about it, while a third was curious, “WHY DID YOU NOT KILL IT?” Therefore, the experience of Ellen Danz ought to teach you to wash new clothes before putting them on.

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