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Chantel Brink
Chantel Brink
June 30, 2024 ·  3 min read

Food Was Disappearing So He Hid A Camera. When She Crawls Out Of Her Hiding Spot, His Jaw Hits The Floor

Joe Cummings was a resident of a New York City apartment. He was sharing the space with his girlfriend. Through a YouTube video he shared, Cummings detailed why he chose to discreetly position a camera within his kitchen area. He elaborated, stating, “I consistently noticed the disappearance of food from my apartment, food I was certain I hadn’t consumed.”

Given his cohabitation with his girlfriend, Cummings began to suspect that she might be consuming the food during his absences. Although she refuted the accusations and denied any involvement in the missing food, Cummings remained skeptical of her claims. Fueled by doubt, he made a resolute decision. “I’m going to arrange a video camera, aiming to apprehend her in the act.” He said.

Taking action, he set up a video camera within the confines of his apartment’s kitchen

Joe Cummings found a stranger living in his apartment
Image Credit: You Know It Joe | YouTube

The footage that resulted did uncover the truth behind the vanishing food. Yet the revelation was far from what he had anticipated. Just two hours subsequent to the camera’s installation, an unfamiliar woman—whom Cummings definitively distinguishes as “not my girlfriend“—emerges from an upper cupboard within the kitchen. She carefully descends to the floor with the assistance of a small table and a tall stool. Her actions exhibit a distinct familiarity with the process, suggesting she has undertaken this before, which indeed she has.

The video’s progression uncovers a disconcerting pattern. Aside from helping herself with the available food, this unknown intruder also engages in the unsanitary act of urinating in the kitchen sink. Her actions exude a sense of practiced confidence, even extending to drinking what seems to be milk directly from the carton—all the while holding the refrigerator door ajar.

She hurriedly rushes into the living room at a particular juncture, seeking concealment. Cummings, entering the kitchen, remains oblivious to the recent occurrence. As he opens the refrigerator to retrieve a beverage, he subsequently exits the camera’s frame. He was likely returning to his bedroom, completely unaware of the presence of an unfamiliar woman lurking nearby.

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Brazingly, she comes back again!

Once Cummings departs from the kitchen, the woman reenters, displaying a brazen demeanor as she continues to make herself at home, indulging in his food without constraint. Eventually, she retraces her steps to the upper kitchen cupboard, utilizing the stool and table to ascend, meticulously reinstating items to their original positions.

Upon reviewing the captured video footage, Cummings was met with astonishment. Reacting swiftly, he contacted the authorities to apprehend the woman. Subsequently, the police relayed their assessment: The woman had likely initially broken into his apartment with the intent of committing robbery, yet she evidently grew so accustomed to the environment that she was disinclined to depart. Law enforcement’s belief is that she had taken up residence for approximately a span of two weeks before Cummings became aware of her presence.

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