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Julie Hambleton
Julie Hambleton
February 29, 2024 ·  5 min read

Woman Follows Little Boy Who Takes Leftovers from Her Restaurant Every Day

There is a lot of bad news in the world today. Every day is something else and it always seems to be negative. One of our readers submitted this incredible story about a remarkable young boy and the power of kindness.

Woman Follows Little Boy Who Takes Leftovers From Her Restaurant And Is Shocked At What She Finds

One night while at her restaurant until near closing time, a little boy came in to speak with the chef. From the start of the conversation, it was obvious that the boy and chef already knew each other. As soon as the chef saw the boy, he immediately knew what he was in the restaurant for.

“You got lucky, kid. We have plenty of leftovers today, and you can take all of it home,” the chef said to him.

The little boy, named Christopher, was delighted. He couldn’t believe that he could take all that food and asked if there was even enough for his friends. The chef told him that it was and he went back to get the food, already packaged and waiting for him. Christopher thanked the Chef and left.

Alice, however, was confused. The child didn’t look malnourished or that he needed restaurant leftovers in order to eat. She decided to wait for him each day at the restaurant until he came back to find out what was really going on.

Alice and Christopher’s First Encounter

Finally, a couple of days later, Christopher returned. Alice approached him gently, asking if he was there for the leftovers. He replied yes and asked if she could ask the chef about the packets. Alice told him not to worry – today, she’d made sure to prepare him fresh food instead. Next, she decided to dig a little bit into why this little boy needed leftover food.

“So, why don’t you eat at home, Chris?” Alice asked. “Is your mom sick?”

Christopher went on to explain to her that he lived in an orphanage that doesn’t feed him very well. He said that Alice’s employees have always helped him. This is why he continues to come back here. With that, he thanked her for the food and left.

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Not The Whole Truth

Alice had a suspicion that Christopher still wasn’t telling her the whole truth. She decided to follow him to see what was really going on. Rather than stopping at an orphanage, like she thought he would, he stopped at a house. He dropped the bag of food on the porch, rang the bell, and then quickly ran away.

Shortly after, an elderly woman came out to find the food at her doorstep. She looked around, appearing to try and figure out who had left the packages, then returned inside. Before Alice could go knock on the door and talk to the woman, however, she got an urgent call from the restaurant. With that, she left, still without answers.

Alice and Christopher’s Second Encounter

The next day, Alice was again waiting for Christopher when he arrived. This time, she was determined to get some answers from the little boy. When she saw him, she told him she knew he was taking the food for someone else and he wanted to know why.

“I’m sorry, I lied to you,” Christopher admitted. “But I’ve been taking food for my granny. She’s the only family I have now.”

He went on to explain that when his parents died, the courts didn’t give his grandmother custody rights because she wasn’t financially stable enough to do so. Christopher said that she couldn’t afford much food, which is why he brings the leftovers to her house each day. Shocked, Alice knew she had to do something.

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Alice Meets Edith

Alice went to Christopher’s grandmother Edith’s house immediately. She explained to Edith where the food was coming from and how her young grandson was trying to take care of her. Edith tearfully spoke about how much she missed her grandson and how horrible she felt that she wasn’t able to provide for him.

Moved by the situation, Alice decided right then and there that she would apply to be the boy’s legal guardian. She went to the orphanage that day to complete the task. Not long after, the courts granted Alice legal guardianship of Christopher. 

Alice then took Christopher to live with his grandmother. She explained to the reunited family that her parents died when she was young, too, so she understands how important it is to be surrounded by family.

A New Family

Edith was overwhelmed with joy to have the opportunity to raise her grandchild. The only concern was how she was going to provide for him. Alice then shocked them even more. 

“I know it might be a bit too much to ask for, but ever since I lost my parents, I have had no one to look after me,” Alice asked. “So, I’m looking for someone who will love me like a mother. I’m hoping you’ll accept the position. As far as Chris’ education is concerned, it’s my responsibility because I’m his guardian.”

The grandmother and grandson were overwhelmed and immediately accepted Alice in to be a part of their small but loving family. This is an example of how one kind act can lead to another. It shows that when you do good to others, good will come to you in turn as well.

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