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Homeless Young Woman Doesn’t Eat for a Week to Buy a Cell Phone and Call Dad for Help — a Short Story

Clara’s world turned upside down overnight, but one cell phone call set things right. Never forget those special people who will always love you, no matter what.


How it Started

Clara and John got married when she was only 18-years-old. John, a few years older than Clara, asked for her hand in marriage after dating for 8 months. Shortly after their wedding night, Clara fell pregnant, and soon, both she and John were parents.

For the next couple of years, they happily took care of their son, Alec. Everything seemed to be going well for the trio, and Clara was content being a stay-at-home mom while John headed into the office every day. She would call him on her cell phone during his lunch hour. Since this was when Alec was usually down for a nap, she had the free time to spare.

However, the more she used her cell phone to call him at work, the more he seemed to get annoyed. Finally, one evening he came home and told Clara exactly how he felt.

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“I can’t do this anymore with you! I don’t want to be a dad – I never wanted to be a dad! And I can’t stand you calling me every single day on your cell phone!”

Shocked, Clara said she didn’t understand. She explained that she thought everything was fine, and she called him because she loved him. John refused to listen and raised his hands as if he had had enough.


“I’m done, Clara. I’m leaving. You and Alec can keep the apartment, but the rent is due in 3 days and I’m not paying it this time. Goodbye.”

And with that, John packed his bags and left Clara and Alec on their own.


Selling a Cell Phone for Food

So, because Clara did not have a job and rent was due, she was panicking. She had to somehow feed her son and herself, and rent money just wasn’t in the cards. The landlord showed up to collect the rent payment, but as Clara explained she didn’t have the money, the landlord shook his head.


“I don’t care if you can’t find the money, or what your story is! Either pay or get out!” The landlord wasted no time in evicting Clara, and left a notice on her door.

Realizing she had no other option, Clara packed what she could for her and Alec the very next morning. As she opened the front door to leave her once happy home, she was met by a social service worker. The landlord had called and reported Clara as an unfit, now homeless, mother. Alec was taken away to an orphanage, and Clara was devastated.

She told Alec she would return for him one day and let his hand go.

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The next few days were nearly impossible for Clara. She had to sell her jewelry and even her cell phone to buy food for herself. Since her cell phone was an older model, it didn’t get her very much money. If she only ate one meal every few days, she could survive a little longer.

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Hopelessness Turns into Hope

Clara ran out of money pretty quickly. Even though she only ate twice in the past week, she simply didn’t have enough to get by. Begging provided around a dollar a day if she was lucky. It was December, and people were more likely to spend than to give.

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One evening while starving in the freezing cold, Clara spotted something. It was a father lovingly talking to his daughter, and having a pleasant conversation. Clara remembered her own father and how they abruptly stopped talking. He was adamant that she not marry John, and told her it was a terrible idea. However, Clara thought it was real love, and chose John over her own father.


Realizing her mistake, she was determined to find a way to communicate with her father once more. She needed a cell phone but didn’t have nearly enough money. So, Clara begged for money every second of every day for the next 7 days. She was so desperate to save her funds, she starved herself for the entire time. Not one meal was had, and she was barely able to make it to the cell phone shop. But, she eventually walked there and gave the clerk the money she had saved.

The clerk saw her ragged clothes, smelled her unpleasant aroma, and told her to leave immediately. Crying, in front of the cell phone store, another clerk came out to her and asked if she was okay. She told him she was trying to purchase a cell phone to call her dad, and the clerk did something amazing. He reached in his pocket and gave her his own cell phone.

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“You can keep it. I’ll even pay the bill for the next month to help you out.”

Relieved, Clara thanked the clerk and immediately called her dad.

Cell Phone Call to Dad

Clara remembered his number by heart and called her dad on her new cell phone. He answered almost immediately and was overjoyed to hear her voice. Clara told him everything that had happened between her and John and said she had more to talk about. Shocked about his daughter’s turn of events, he offered to pick her up and asked where she was.

“I’m in front of a cell phone shop, dad. Please hurry, I feel so weak and tired.”

Clara’s dad rushed to her location and helped her into his car. They drove to his home and he made sure she had plenty to eat and clean clothes. After taking a warm shower and getting dressed, Clara explained everything to her father.

“We have to go get Alec, Clara! I’m so sorry this happened to you. Thank you for calling me on that cell phone of yours. I’m glad you realized I will always love you, no matter what.”

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The next morning the two went to go collect Alec from the orphanage and show him his new home. Clara’s dad’s home was large enough so they each had their own room. As soon as Alec saw his room he started playing with his new toys.

Happily Ever After

Clara stayed in touch with the kind man who gave her a cell phone on that special night. Without his kindness, she may have never got the chance to reconnect with her father. As the two continued to talk, they realized they had a lot in common and started dating.

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Clara’s dad really liked the gentleman and approved of their relationship, which meant the world to Clara. Eventually, the pair got wed, and Clara’s dad walked her down the aisle. The two lived happily ever after, with Alec as their son.

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This story was inspired by an original piece of fiction that first appeared on AmoMama. Any similarities between this story and actual people is purely coincidental.

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