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Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
April 1, 2024 ·  4 min read

‘I Ask Men To Show Me Their Bank Balance On The First Date Because I Only Want To Go Out With Wealthy Guys’

Going out on first dates can be quite daunting for some people. They usually try to attract someone and want to put their best foot forward. But, one influencer recently divided the opinion among her followers after she revealed that she asked men for their bank account information on the first date itself. The 30-year-old content creator from New York, Sofia Franklyn, went on to admit, “I’ve asked the last three dudes I have dated for their bank account info on the first date.”

She was very honest in her explanation that she ‘only wants to date a wealthy guy that has money’, and therefore wanted to know if she was ‘wasting her time’ on the first date. On her podcast, Sofia with an F, the content creator stated, “I think, you know, I have a job, I am very successful. So I think I have every right to be like, ‘Hi, are we on the same level or am I wasting my time?’”

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TikToker Claims She Asks For The Bank Information Of Her Dates On The First Date Itself

On the podcast, her guest Leo then asked her to clarify if she actually asked her first dates for their log-in details. To this, the content creator replied in the affirmative and further pulled up a screenshot of the bank account amount of one individual that she was quite interested in. She added, “I don’t think it’s weird to ask for that kind of information on a first date.

The influencer then created more polarizing opinions by claiming that she specifically wanted to know the bank account details, “especially if they’re under 5ft 10.” “I do that and, if they don’t show me, I will still go on like a second, third date but I need to know at a certain point. A lot of people think that’s just crazy of me to do, I don’t think it is that crazy. Also, I’m 30- I am not really trying to just date and mess around.

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A Controversial Take, To Say The Least

Needless to say, Sofia Franklyn’s comments about her interesting first date tactics resulted in mixed reactions from her TikTok followers, many of whom asked Sofia to ‘look deeper into happiness and relations’, while others insisted that what she was saying was absolutely on point. One individual commented, “Does love and genuine connection just not exist anymore?” while another individual snarked, “Podcast equipment needs to be less accessible.” A third individual then went on to add, “People who have money don’t usually gloat about having money or seek to be on the same level as someone.” However, there were some who thought what Sofia was stating was quite ‘iconic’.

One commenter mentioned, “My fiance and I are matched equally. But if I were single, I would need that person to be on my level. I agree with her for the most part.” Another claimed, “Absolutely 300% agree! You deserve to have a man on the same level as you!” When Leo Skepi, Sofia’s guest on the podcast, asked her reason behind asking people for their bank details, Sofia considered her rationale to be very efficient- and that she wasn’t wasting her time.

Guess her followers didn’t really see the efficiency behind her actions- with one viewer responding, “Some things we shouldn’t say out loud.” Another went on to add, “Not sure love comes in the form of a dollar bill but at least you are straight forward.” A third person commented, “In short ‘I need you to earn more than me because I think I am wealthy but I am not really.’ The irony of wealth is someone with it, won’t look for it.” Check out the full episode here:

Another TikToker Claimed That She Would Never Be With A Man Who Decided To Go Dutch For The First Date Bill

This isn’t the first time that a content creator has been under fire for making assumptions about first dates. A 24-year-old dating coach from New York, Ella Freimann, also came under the spotlight, because she claimed that she would want her date to pay for everything on the first date- because it showed that the person appreciated her. She insisted, to multiple troll comments, that she was not a gold digger, or was money hungry- rather, she claimed that she had high standards, and “knew what she brought to the table.” She added, “By splitting the bill, I am agreeing to form a connection with a man who doesn’t know his role in a relationship and expects me to be 50% of the man he is not.

Needless to say, with such a ridiculous take, her haters had a field day. But she defended herself, stating, “I have learned that men who split the bill don’t value the time and effort a woman puts into herself to look her best for that man. 50/50 men don’t understand that the woman’s investment was made prior to the date.

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