Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
March 10, 2024 ·  4 min read

Influencer Breaks Down In Tears Over Criticism Of Her Baby’s Uncommon Name

Liana Jade, an influencer, recently shared her response after fellow YouTubers started making fun of her baby’s uncommon name. Jade- along with her partner Connon Darlington, are quite famous on the streaming platform with around 2 million subscribers. They use this platform to post videos about their family, as well as their relationship. The pair announced the birth of their son, who they had named Koazy- which was to be pronounced as ‘Cosy’. But after the YouTubers started making fun of such an uncommon name, Liana took to TikTok and addressed a lot of the backlash that she had experienced as a result of her son’s name. She went on to call out other YouTubers- Matt and Abby on their podcast- The Unplanned Podcast- where they had been talking about baby names. 

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Uncommon Names For Babies- How Far Is Too Far?

Liana stated, “No hate but you might have seen the couple, Matty and Abby. They were talking about people naming their kids new, original names. They were saying how ridiculous some of these new unique names were.” While Matt and Abby hadn’t specifically talked about Liana’s baby’s uncommon name, they had claimed that some of the names of babies over the last decade did bug Abby a little. Matt seemingly agreed with this, as Abby also claimed that giving a child a name that was so unique wasn’t really a flex of any sort- rather, it could be construed as a red flag. In her video on TikTok, Jade decided to tearfully address this sentiment. 

Basically, our baby is called Koazy, and I know it’s not everybody’s cup of tea. But people have kind of pulled our context that we called him Koazy because he was cosy in the womb. No, it was a name we already had.” The influencer also claimed that the name seemed even more appropriate during the last few months of her pregnancy.

She explained, “As I was getting so heft pregnant, people were saying: ‘Oh, he’s cosy in your belly.’ And it kind of confirmed to us that’s what we should name him. Because we already had that name and people were saying it.” While she did note that her son’s name was just ‘meant to be’, she also claimed that it wasn’t her trying to flex it. She further shared that when viewers in the comments of The Unplanned Video started talking about Linda’s baby, it did upset her a lot. 

Adults Shouldn’t Be Slandering A Baby’s Uncommon Name- That’s Uncouth

In a teary voice, Linda went on, “I knew everyone wasn’t going to love the name so I am not going to sit here defending it. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But it’s just different when there’s this comment section open on such a big influencer’s video of people, fully grown adults, just sat there slandering my baby’s name.” And she concluded her rant by stating that there were a few prerequisites she would look into- if she ever felt the need to slander uncommon names of babies. “I think it’s quite cruel. And if I posted that video personally and I was going to express that opinion that I had, I think I would be very mindful of who was being named and how that could have an effect on other people.

As a result of Liana Jade’s TikTok video, Matt and Abby have disabled the comments on their podcast’s TikTok video. On the other hand, the influencer’s video has raked in around 6 million views. Her take on why slandering uncommon names is quite a low move was appreciated by people throughout. One person wrote, “Hey Liana, Koazy is such a cute name don’t worry about it, the cl fam probably love the name, much love to you, Conor and Koazy.” Another user wrote, “I taught someone called Koazy and everyone absolutely loved it! I think it’s super unique.” Others mentioned that if the slanderers were actually adults, they wouldn’t be talking about baby names. One wrote, “You just said fully grown adults. If they can’t be an adult and respect the name of your child they’re not worth the attention.

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