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Julie Hambleton
Julie Hambleton
December 3, 2023 ·  4 min read

Petition To Stop Interviewing Will and Jada Smith Gets Over 23,000 Signatures

How do you feel about celebrity tell-alls? Are you one who is glued to the lives of the rich and famous, wanting to know every little detail possible? Or, are you the complete opposite? If you’re the latter, then you’ll likely agree with the guy who made an actual petition online to request a full stop on all interviews with Will Smith. In fact, he’s asking entertainment reporters to please stop interviewing both members of the couple.

The Petition To Stop Interviewing Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith

While some people hang off of every word Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith say, clearly not everyone is such a big fan. One non-fan, in particular, is so fed up with hearing about the couple’s controversial and complex personal lives that they actually started an online petition to plead with reporters to stop interviewing them. The petition, hosted on Change.org, now has 23,343 signatures. (1)

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Likely, this person was triggered to create this petition upon the release of Will Smith’s new book Will. This is a memoir that is focused primarily on his relationship and marriage with Jada. More of a confessional, really, he talks about his “fantasy harem of girlfriends”. He also talks about his various experiments with psychedelic drugs, his difficult relationship with his late father, his jealousy about his wife’s friendship with the late rapper Tupac, and much more. (2)

One of the parts that have really been the last straw was the part where Will explains how he dealt with his first girlfriend cheating on him. He explains that he had extreme amounts of sex with other women. He had so much sex, in fact, that it ended up having a psychological effect on him as this wasn’t true to who he usually was. This caused him to gag or even sometimes vomit when he would orgasm. For many, this was simply too much information.

“The throwing up thing was the last straw.” commented one petition signer.

It’s Not Just Will They’re Tired Of Hearing From

While it was Will Smith’s memoir that seemed to inspire the creation of this petition, he isn’t the only one these people are tired of hearing from. They are also tired of learning about their relationship and personal lives from Jada, as well. Recently, Jada spoke candidly in interviews about her husband’s failure to sexually satisfy her. 

Jada also has a Facebook show called Red Table Talk. There, she has spoken openly about being addicted to porn, sex, cannabis, alcohol, and ecstasy. She discussed her sexual relationship with rapper August Alsina. The couple have talked about how they have an open marriage and that they don’t even refer to themselves as “married” anymore. Instead, they prefer the term “life partners”.

The Public Are Fed Up

There are many people who find the Smith’s lives and relationships very interesting. After all, it is certainly an unconventional one. For those who are not so sure about monogamy or curious about non-traditional relationships, then the couple’s stories would probably be quite interesting.

For many, however, both Will and Jada have just gone too far. It is fine if they wish to live their lives that way. Most people are pretty content with them to continue living however they want to. What people aren’t okay with, however, is the constant sharing of intimate details that they’d really rather not know.

“Not everything has to be public knowledge.” wrote one non-fan.

“We are all exhausted.” wrote another.

Yet another said that despite their efforts, they can’t seem to escape the headlines and latest gossip or confessions from one or both members of the couple.

“Everything I learn about this couple is against my will,” wrote one user. “Free us.”

Will It Work?

The petition has certainly gained a lot of traction. Much more than the original poster had in mind. They were hoping to get around 2000 signatures simply to attract the attention of some local news outlets. Now, creeping ever closer to the 25,000 signature mark, it is clear that more people are tired of hearing about this couple than they thought.

What do you think? Do you find Will and Jada’s lives – personal and other – interesting? Do you enjoy reading about what goes on “behind the curtain”, and about their non-conventional ideas of marriage and relationships? Or are you also tired of it all and wish people would stop interviewing them?

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